I’m back! 

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and I have returned from my break. 

I ended up taking nearly four weeks off instead of two, but taking a breather really helped me out with all the stress I was dealing with. Now I am feeling much better and I am ready to blog again. 

I have plenty of blogging ideas and here is a few to look out for.

  • A new product review
  • A primark haul
  • My new skincare routine

Well that’s all for now guys! I will see you all very soon. 

Viola over and out xx


An Update

Hey guys! I’s your girl Viola, and today’s post is just an update of whats been going on the past month.

My New Years Resolution isn’t going too well at the moment. I keep telling myself to eat healthier then I crack and go back to my old ways. I ended up buying a cupcake with lots of icing at the coffee shop today and I felt guilty when I finished it, but I am not giving up. It’s going to be a struggle, but I am going to try eating healthier and getting more exercise. On Wednesday, I don’t start college until 11:15 so I’m going to get up and go for a really long walk for a couple hours which will do e some good, and I’m going to really try and resist the sugary and fatty treats that stare at me all the time. I’m starting to drink at least a litre of water everyday which is good aswell.

My college course is going great. I’m making poached pears with custard and omelettes tomorrow in our little bistro which is cool, and the theory work isn’t a total bore. I was laughing so much this morning with my classmates that I started crying which screwed up my makeup.

Some idiot pressed the fire alarm last Thursday which set everything into caos, so that was fun.

And that’s pretty much it, thanks for reading!

Viola over and out xxx

New Year, New Me (a cliche but okay)

Hey guys, it’s your girl Viola, and I have a deep and meaningful post today, so shit’s about to get serious.

I have a long list of imperfections and things about me that get me down, because I’m human. We all have that something that we dislike about ourselves and want to change, whether it be your appearance, your emotions, or anything to be honest. If you are curious, here are mine. I’m sorry if I ramble on or bum you out but hear they are.

  1. MY NOSE a very common imperfection, I don’t always care about it but sometimes I look in the mirror and notice how wide and fat it is, and it’s quite short and stuck up in a way and then I feel like a freak.
  2. MY FOREHEAD – My forehead is very square and quite large, and I have a fringe to cover it up, but I’m bored with my hairstyle. I want a side fringe, well actually I would prefer no fringe at all, but because of my fat oddly shaped forehead I look weird without a fringe and I don’t feel confident enough to change my hairstyle.
  3. MY STOMACH – I am slightly over weight (I’m not exaggerating, I’ve checked) because I binge eat, a LOT and my stomach has most of the excess fat. I cannot wear crop-tops or low waist jeans because my fat stomach will spill out and look stupid, so I always wear long t-shirts, high jeans and a baggy shirt over my swimwear. I would like to have a flatter chest.
  4. MY BOOBS – I have huge boobs…and I’m not happy with them. I’m a 36E and I have been bullied constantly over them. I had a flat chest in year 7 and in year 8 I was happy with their size, because they were small and no problem whatsoever. However, they started to get a little too big and people started to notice. Boys would flirt and not in a good way, more like harass. Girls would call me a slag in the corridors. Rumours spread around hat I shoved tissues in my bra and I wore a push-up water bra. I used to be a good runner but I stopped because every time I ran they moved too much. I stopped enjoying PE class. I would hear the other girls betting on what my bra size was. One person even asked one of my dance friends to ask me where I got my boob job from. It was hell on earth. Many times I thought about having a breast reduction operation, but I would hate to have the hideous scars.
  5. HAVING NEVER BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP – I’m 16, I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’ve never been kissed, every guy I’ve liked has never asked me out, every guy that has liked me (which has only been a couple) I’ve been utterly not interested in. This is an imperfection because I’ve had countless emotional breakdowns because of this fact about me. I’m don’t need a relationship to define me or anything like that, I’m happy being single a lot of the time, but it just makes me feel really lonely sometimes because it makes me feel like an un-datable freak, and I’m terrified of being alone. I had a couple of small “interests” in some people but my biggest crush was when I was 13. All my other crushes was people I barely talked to, but this guy was actually my friend. I liked him for 3 years, I’ll even say as far as loved him to be honest. Most of my other friends knew. The only one of my friends who didn’t know was my now ex-friend who was a bitch, and went on to date him a year after I stared to have feelings for him (they’re not together now). But the thing is, he liked ME the same time I liked him, but for a reason which I still don’t know, just when we were so close to being together he stopped liking me and dated her instead. We don’t talk anymore but I still see him in the corridors in college which kills me every time it happens, cos there’s that awkwardness when we look at each other because of the history that’s there. Plus the fact that I still have feelings for him.

The reason I’m talking about my imperfections is because I want this year to be great, and for it to be great, I’m going to take this list and throw it in the fire. This year is going to be a fresh new me where I don’t give a flying crap about my imperfections. If I want a side fringe, I’ll get a side fringe. If I want to wear a bikini, I’ll wear it with pride. If I want to take some risks, I’ll take them. If I have big boobs, so what? And screw that bastard who broke my heart, I don’t need him, I don’t need any relationship. I’m single, and I’m proud!!!

(drops microphone)

Viola over and out xxx

Black Friday Haul

Hey Guys! It’s your girl Viola and I am super bored and just can’t sleep at all tonight for some reason, so what could I possibly do at 1:30 in the morning? Blog of course! Duh.

Today I went into town to get some Black Friday bargains because shopping discounts are like the best thing ever and I love a good deal. I found quite a few cool things and I am going to list them down below

  1. A Katniss Everdeen Pop Vinyl of her in the red fire dress. #TheGirlOnFire!!!
  2. A PlayStation cap that had the old PlayStation symbol on it
  3. Some hair chalk
  4. Some black wedge trainers
  5. A couple pairs of Watermelon and Unicorn socks
  6. Some Coconut and Vanilla Body Butter
  7. Some V05 Hairspray

There was this black cap that I saw on the Claire’s website that I really wanted because it has ‘Wifey’ written on it but when I looked there they didn’t have it. I was so disappointed.

I am so comfy right now. I just got a new bed last weekend because my old tiny one was 12 years old and the stuffing was so worn out that the springs stuck out and were actually starting to hurt my back. But now I have a nice new big bed and it is so soft and bouncy. I could stay in it all day.

Well I am going to try and go to sleep now as my laptop is about to die and my charger is all the way across the room which I just can’t be bothered to get up and get.

Viola over and out xxx

Out on the Town

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and yesterday I had a girls day out with my sister Sophie which I haven’t done for a long time.

Ever since she started working as a waitress she hasn’t been able to get much time off but luckily she managed to get the day off yesterday so we decided to go out on the town to do a bit of shopping and get a coffee (well, I get a coffee. Sophie doesn’t like it because she’s weird).

We caught the local bus as we are too lazy to walk and we went to our favourite cafe first, Coffee #1. I always have an iced After Eight hot chocolate with whipped cream every time I go there, they are so scrumptious!

For shopping we first went to my favourite store which is Superdrug. I thought Sophie was going to get bored and have know idea what I’m talking about, but even though she’s not really into makeup  as much as me and her eyeliner skills are an embarrassment (she’s terrible), she surprisingly knows quite a bit about it. Her looking at all the different stuff and me being addicted to shopping and having used makeup for 9 years resulted in us spending half an hour browsing and kissing goodbye to £35 worth of our money, whoops. Totally worth it though.

As I’m starting college in less than 4 weeks time we also went stationary shopping at WHSmith where I got pens, Tipex tape, an Academic Year Diary and a fashion magazine that I’ve started purchasing. We had a look around Wilko’s and a couple other places and then we went in Subway for lunch. I had a chicken and bacon 6 inch sub with onions and ketchup and a drink.

Usually in Subway, one Pepsi Max drink is enough for me, but as I hadn’t had any coffee all day I had two as I felt super drowsy. Ever since I started drinking coffee every day my body now depends on it. Don’t even attempt to talk to me in the morning before I have coffee. One drink in the morning can see me through the maturity of the day but in this case I didn’t have one which didn’t turn out well. Before we took the bus home we had to go to McDonald’s for a mocha frappe to wake me up. I felt much better afterwards. It’s not hard at all to live with a major caffeine addiction, I’d rather be addicted to coffee that won’t kill me rather than smoking and alcohol that will.

All in all I had a great day out. I’ve got lots more new makeup to add to my collection. I’ll publish a review on what I bought this Sunday on my makeup channel. I wish my friends were there, hopefully we’ll all go out and celebrate our success or our failure on Results Day.

Viola over and out xxx

My Sweet 16th

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and I am 16 now! The big 1 6.

To be honest I don’t feel any older and I feel no different. Not that I was expecting to suddenly feel really old. One thing that always happens every year, is for a few weeks or so after my birthday if I have to write or say my age I end up saying the wrong age. So for the next couple weeks or so if someone asks me how old I am, I’ll end up saying “15-uugghh-I mean 16!” It happens every time.

The day itself wasn’t really any different from a normal day. My parents and sister went to work, I stayed at home. Some of you might think that spending your birthday alone is sad, and admittedly I was one of those people. I was so sad when I found out my sister couldn’t get the day off. However, I realized it’s not so bad as people say, I could watch anything on the TV, I could turn up the stereo as loud as I wanted and have a freaking party if I wanted. Well not that loud, my neighbours would be pissed otherwise.

Another thing I could do is that I could eat anything I wanted for breakfast without my parents nagging in my ear saying “you can’t eat that for breakfast! Eat some cereal like a normal person.” Well guess what Mum? I’m not a normal person. I am a crazy, loud and annoying wack-job and I’m gonna have Ben and Jerry’s for breakfast because it is Goddamn delicious. BTW, Cookie Dough is the best flavour, no contest.

My dad suggested I make a cake or some cupcakes since I like “all that chiefing so much”, yeah, like having to make your own birthday cake on your birthday isn’t depressing. However, I got bored….and hungry…. I then made a batch of chocolate muffins….and they were scrumptious…. don’t judge.

I accompanied my well balanced and healthy breakfast with a cappuccino with a dash of sugar, and then I had an Espresso Macchiato, chilled.

Later on I went to my Granddad’s house for a couple of hours. It was always my Nan who would organise days out and stuff like that and Granddad isn’t used to doing that, but bless him he really tried to do fun things. We had boiled eggs and soldiers for lunch, in which he boiled the eggs just the way I like them, we watched ‘The Sound of Music’, a classic we both love, and he bought two creme doughnuts from Sainsbury’s and put a candle in mine which made me smile.

Usually I stay there until 5pm and then my dad will pick me up after work and take me home. However, my Granddad had to go for an appointment at the hospital in the next town on from ours so he dropped me off home at 4:30pm. It wasn’t long before mum and dad came home but then my Granddad turned up with my sister. Turns out he was only picking her up from work because she finished early, he had no appointment at all.

We all had hot drinks in which I had another cappuccino, and my birthday cake. Usually I end up having Victoria Sponge with too much fondant icing on it which makes it a little too sickly and I have been asking for a chocolate cake for years and never had one. However, this year thanks to my sister I finally had a Thornton’s chocolate cake. After we finished eating I opened cards and presents. One of my cards from my friend Becca had a scratch card in it for 80 grand, but I didn’t win anything. I got some birthday money, some chocolate, a cooking Dictionary book and then I had a brand new laptop. I have never had one all to myself before, I have always borrowed my sister’s laptop which was left to her in Nan’s will. However, I now have my own to use for my blogs and for college. I won’t use it yet though as my mum’s co-worker Mark is an IT expert so he’s going to set it all up for me, I will be able to start using it in the next couple of weeks.

For tea I had chips from the best chippie in town because the one on my estate is terrible. I had it last Thursday and it was too greasy and only half cooked. That was half the reason why I was sick last Friday. Before we went to the chippie we took a detour to McDonalds so I could get my favourite Mocha Frappe drink. As I had four coffees yesterday, I shit you not, my fart smelled like a strong coffee. Some of you may be grossed out, but everyone farts and it was awesome!

So that’s all I have for you guys today! Viola over and out xxx


The Blog Tag

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and I am one of the 3 people nominated by my dear friend and fellow blogger Annoymousblogger101 to answer 6 questions about blogging.

Now, I was nominated late last Thursday night so I decided to write this yesterday morning (Friday) as I had nothing to do then, but unfortunately I got sick which hardly ever happens for me. I woke up yesterday in agony. I’ve never been in that much pain before, I felt like an axe had been taken to my stomach. Inevitably the pain was so bad I vomited, so I stayed in bed the rest of the day, which meant no blog. But don’t worry about me, I’m much better now so enough about me being ill, on with the blog.

1) What was the most POINTLESS post you have ever done?

I would say my “Thinking about Prom” post as it was no where near prom at the time and I was just blabbing and something that was so uninteresting.

2) If you could swap blogs with anyone what blog would you choose and why?

I would say Tom Syndicate because he and his life is awesome, but that probably doesn’t count because they are vlogs not blogs, so I would say that I wouldn’t swap with anyone because everyone has their own style and I like my style and I like doing my own thing. I wouldn’t swap with anyone given the opportunity.

3) Say a paragraph about the person who nominated you.

Where to begin with this person. To be honest I couldn’t ask for anyone better to have for a friend. I know we haven’t always agreed on everything but we got through those times and I’m glad that we did. You made my time at school much more fun and bearable, and I hope we stay in touch so we can annoy each other for a long time to come. I hope we still see each other when we start college too.

4) Never be able to blog again or never be in love, which one?

I can’t quit blogging. I’ve only done it for 5 months but it’s become a part of my life now. I would chose not to be in love again because it’s caused me nothing but endless pain, sadness and even loneliness in my experience. It still does now, I even cry about it sometimes as they never love me back or suddenly lose interest in me with no explanation or warning. Probably because they found something or someone better.

5) What post that you have done that you are most proud of?

I would say my Wales trip posts because even though I was in the middle of know where on a freaking mountain with no signal I somehow managed to blog nearly everyday thous fulfilling my promise to you guys which was great.

Is there a blogger that you absolutely love?

I have 2. I would definitely say Elm as she is a pro at what she does and I never get tired of reading her posts. I would also say Annoymousblogger101 as if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be blogging right now and I love every single one of her posts.

That’s all for now guys!

Viola over and out xxx


Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola and today I have some exciting news! On Sunday 7th August I will Upload my First Makeup Blog!!! My makeup blogs will cover everything, from tutorials to product reviews, to before and afters and even some helpful tips and tricks that will make things easier for you.

Now bearing in mind I am an anonymous blogger and I would like to keep my identity private unless I choose to reveal my identity. In conclusion, for now on my channel it’ll just be written blogs, but possibly in the future i might make voice records or even videos, but if I do, not all of my face will be shown.

Don’t worry though, I promise that won’t get in the way of my makeup blogs and I will make loads for you lot.

Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx

Finished Packing

Hey guys! Viola here with another blog, and I know what you’re thinking. Two blogs in one day??? That’s unusual for me, but nevertheless here it is.

As you may know tomorrow morning I am going on vacation to North-West (ish) Wales with my family for 1 week and I have finally finished packing everything. When I was packing electronics and stuff into my backpack I thought my bag was only going to be half full which has never happened before as usually my bag is brim full but by the time I was finished it was bursting at the seams, so nothing’s changed.

Now I’m just relaxing with a cup of tea. I should go to sleep as I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow morning but my mum is still sorting stuff in her room with the TV blazing. Plus the landing light is on and it’s super bright and I can’t sleep very well with lots of noises and bright lights. Some of you are thinking “just close the door” but there is a window above my door so the light eluminates the room too much so I can’t. I wouldn’t go to sleep now anyway, got too many YouTube videos to watch.

When I get back from holiday my list of stuff to watch on youtube will be humongous as I won’t be able to go on the internet much while I’m out there. I have no clue how I’ll survive.

Now, there is an issue I need to discuss. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to blog while I’m out there as there is no WiFi in the caravan. There is WiFi in the main building at the cafes and the pool but I don’t know how frequent I’ll be able to go there. Although, I can promise I’ll try and blog everyday. I found out the issue with my WordPress app on my phone. I was using and old app that they recently got rid off which was why it wasn’t working, now I have a new updated WordPress app which does work and I should be able to blog on my phone now.

It depends on the signal strength but I put a fresh top up on my phone yesterday so I now have internet data that I can use. I’ll use this data on nothing other than blogging, so I’m using my 500mb on just you guys. Because of this the blogs will be shorter and they’ll be brief summaries of the day but I’ll try my very best to make sure I tell you as much as I can of the trip.

If for some reason I can’t blog out there I promise I will tell you lot everything when I return from my vacation and tell you how it went. I would be surprised if I can’t blog at all, I should be able to blog at least once, but as I said I can’t guarantee anything.

Viola over and out xxx

Leavers Assembly

So today, it was the Leavers Assembly for year 11’s. It went well overall, I didn’t embarrass myself so that was a bonus. However, I had to get there the same time school starts, thous having to turn on my 7am school alarm on my phone that I was hoping that I would never have to use again. We weren’t wearing uniform but when I got up I looked a mess so I needed an hour to look even half decent.

When I got there I found Charlie waiting outside. We haven’t seen each other in a week so she was happy to see me. We went inside and sat two rows back from the front. The rest of my friends couldn’t sit with us as the seats next to us were already taken, no idea where they sat.

The assembly officially started at round 8:30 and they had a slideshow going round on a continuous loop. That was the worst part. They showed our year 8 and year 11 student pictures. They didn’t use the year 7 photos as that was before the uniforms changed. My year 7 and year 10 photos look alright, but I hate my year 8, 9, and 11 photos, and of course, they used the ones that I don’t like. Year 8, I wasn’t smiling, it looks like I was about to say something and the other two I was having a bad hair day, a REALLY bad hair day.

There were embarrassing photos of me in a bright neon tutu for a dance show in year 9. However, the most embarrassing was of me two Christmases ago representing the school at a cooking competition, which I won. There was another student with me from my school competing but he is in year 10 now so he wasn’t shown. It was just me with my awful fridge and an apron that made me look fat. There is a good photo that they used for the school paper of that occasion but they decided to use a dreadful photo just to annoy me.

When the awards were handed out I had to go up twice. First time was for my achievement stamps, but everyone had to go up for that. The second time was for 100% attendance, about 20 went up I’m guessing. There was one effort award and one attainment award for each subject but I never get them. Dance was two of the girls who are really talented, one has gone to professional classes at a dance company for 3 years. I never get geography as it’ll be a miracle if I even scrape a C at this rate.

Oh well, I’m glad I didn’t have to go up a lot. I did win the effort award for dance before but that was year 7, and I got best year 9 dancer at the full school Christmas assembly in year 9. Those are the only proper awards I got from that school.

After the assembly finished I got my leavers hoodie. You had to order it online and you got to choose the colour. I went for a dark Bubblegum Blue but sometimes it looks green which is cool. In the number 16 everyone’s names are written down.

Then there was shirt signing. All my friends signed my shirt and other people I know. Most were good luck comments, there were a few hash tags as well. Charlie drew a dick on my back, lol.

After the shirt signing was over me, James, Charlie and Hayden went to the little shop across the road (I got kinder bars and a monster can) then to the park. We had lots of laughs. I stayed there for over an hour then I went to my Grandad’s to keep him company.

Gonna miss school.

Viola over and out xxx