Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and yesterday I was nominated by annoymousblog101 to answer 50 questions about myself, and here it is.

1: What are you wearing? Black shorts and baggy t-shirt
2: Ever been in love? Yes, unfortunately
3: Ever had a terrible breakup? no
4: How tall are you? around 5ft 4 I’m guessing
5: How much do you weigh? no freaking clue
6: Any tattoos? nope, would like to have one though
7: Any piercings? standard ear piercings at the moment
8: OTP? don’t really know what that means to be honest
9: Favourite show? NCIS, Friends, OITNB, Waterloo Road, Sherlock to name a few
10: Favourite bands? JLS, Coldplay, Queen…
11: Something you miss? I do miss the fun I used to have at school
12: Favourite song? I have loads, but if I could name one right now, it would be “All Star”
13: How old are you? 17 in 4 months
14: Zodiac sign? Leo the Lion, roar motherfu–
15: Quality you look for in a partner? someone to laugh with
16: Favourite Quote? “If you’re going through Hell, keep going” – Ducky, NCIS latest episode
17: Favourite actor? There are many
18: Favourite color? green or purple or blue, cant decide
19: Loud music or soft? both
20: Where do you go when you’re sad? my room
21: How long does it take you to shower? 10-15 minutes usually
22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? an hour and a quarter when I’m wearing makeup
23: Ever been in a physical fight? not really
24: Turn on? when he prefers personality over looks, and doesn’t immediately judge you before getting to know you
25: Turn off? kisses on messages when you’ve only just met them, sexist jokes or comments
26: The reason I started blogging? my best friend encouraged me
27: Fears? snakes, falling, vaccines, large spiders, the dark
28: Last thing that made you cry? feeling lonely
29: Last time you said you loved someone? can’t remember
30: Meaning behind your Blog Name? Viola isn’t my real name, I chose it because I thought it was a nice name
31: Last book you read? After You by Jojo Moyes
32: The book you’re currently reading? The art of being normal by Lisa Williamson
33: Last show you watched? NCIS
34: Last person you talked to? annoymousblogger
35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? wifey cx
36: Favourite food? ice cream
37: Place you want to visit? everywhere in the world
38: Last place you were? in my kitchen
39: Do you have a crush? nope
40: Last time you kissed someone? never, not kidding
41: Last time you were insulted? when my sister tried to offer me orange juice with bits in it
42: Favourite flavour of sweet? lime i think
43: What instruments do you play? the keyboard… of my laptop
44: Favourite piece of jewellery? rings and necklaces
45: Last sport you played? wii golf
46: Last song you sang? “Hold Up” by Beyonce
47: Favourite chat up line? I heard a story where a guy went up to a girl in a store and said that his ex-girlfriend just walked in with her new boyfriend and if he could hold her hand while walking around the store so he wasn’t on his own. but after 20 minutes the girl realised there was no couple in the store. Best pick-up ever
48: Have you ever used it? nope
49: Last time you hung out with anyone? Last Friday
50: Who should answer these questions next? I’m not gonna tag anyone but you are welcome to do this challenge if you want to

Viola over and out xxx


Valentines Day

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and it’s that time of the year again. The time of year when single guys and gals (me) hide away from the world where all the happy couples are enjoying themselves by going out, getting  gifts and having fun. Don’t get me wrong, i don’t hate relationships, but there is a difference between seeing couples who are in love, and getting relationships shoved down my throat. 

I for one don’t have an interest in the holiday, surprise surprise. Mainly because I’ve never had anyone to share it with, but it’s also because it’s never made sense to me.

It’s all about loving your significant other, but shouldn’t  you love them everyday? Not just one day a year. All it does is make single feel as small and insignificant as humaly possible. 

But I’m not letting the day go to waste. I’m going to watch all my favourite movies and have a good time. I’m perfectly happy being single, and if couples are going to be treating themselves, then I’m going to as well. 

Besides, everyone knows that the real Valentines Day is 15th February when all the chocolate is on sale. 

Viola over and out xxx

New Year, New Me (a cliche but okay)

Hey guys, it’s your girl Viola, and I have a deep and meaningful post today, so shit’s about to get serious.

I have a long list of imperfections and things about me that get me down, because I’m human. We all have that something that we dislike about ourselves and want to change, whether it be your appearance, your emotions, or anything to be honest. If you are curious, here are mine. I’m sorry if I ramble on or bum you out but hear they are.

  1. MY NOSE a very common imperfection, I don’t always care about it but sometimes I look in the mirror and notice how wide and fat it is, and it’s quite short and stuck up in a way and then I feel like a freak.
  2. MY FOREHEAD – My forehead is very square and quite large, and I have a fringe to cover it up, but I’m bored with my hairstyle. I want a side fringe, well actually I would prefer no fringe at all, but because of my fat oddly shaped forehead I look weird without a fringe and I don’t feel confident enough to change my hairstyle.
  3. MY STOMACH – I am slightly over weight (I’m not exaggerating, I’ve checked) because I binge eat, a LOT and my stomach has most of the excess fat. I cannot wear crop-tops or low waist jeans because my fat stomach will spill out and look stupid, so I always wear long t-shirts, high jeans and a baggy shirt over my swimwear. I would like to have a flatter chest.
  4. MY BOOBS – I have huge boobs…and I’m not happy with them. I’m a 36E and I have been bullied constantly over them. I had a flat chest in year 7 and in year 8 I was happy with their size, because they were small and no problem whatsoever. However, they started to get a little too big and people started to notice. Boys would flirt and not in a good way, more like harass. Girls would call me a slag in the corridors. Rumours spread around hat I shoved tissues in my bra and I wore a push-up water bra. I used to be a good runner but I stopped because every time I ran they moved too much. I stopped enjoying PE class. I would hear the other girls betting on what my bra size was. One person even asked one of my dance friends to ask me where I got my boob job from. It was hell on earth. Many times I thought about having a breast reduction operation, but I would hate to have the hideous scars.
  5. HAVING NEVER BEEN IN A RELATIONSHIP – I’m 16, I’ve never had a boyfriend, I’ve never been kissed, every guy I’ve liked has never asked me out, every guy that has liked me (which has only been a couple) I’ve been utterly not interested in. This is an imperfection because I’ve had countless emotional breakdowns because of this fact about me. I’m don’t need a relationship to define me or anything like that, I’m happy being single a lot of the time, but it just makes me feel really lonely sometimes because it makes me feel like an un-datable freak, and I’m terrified of being alone. I had a couple of small “interests” in some people but my biggest crush was when I was 13. All my other crushes was people I barely talked to, but this guy was actually my friend. I liked him for 3 years, I’ll even say as far as loved him to be honest. Most of my other friends knew. The only one of my friends who didn’t know was my now ex-friend who was a bitch, and went on to date him a year after I stared to have feelings for him (they’re not together now). But the thing is, he liked ME the same time I liked him, but for a reason which I still don’t know, just when we were so close to being together he stopped liking me and dated her instead. We don’t talk anymore but I still see him in the corridors in college which kills me every time it happens, cos there’s that awkwardness when we look at each other because of the history that’s there. Plus the fact that I still have feelings for him.

The reason I’m talking about my imperfections is because I want this year to be great, and for it to be great, I’m going to take this list and throw it in the fire. This year is going to be a fresh new me where I don’t give a flying crap about my imperfections. If I want a side fringe, I’ll get a side fringe. If I want to wear a bikini, I’ll wear it with pride. If I want to take some risks, I’ll take them. If I have big boobs, so what? And screw that bastard who broke my heart, I don’t need him, I don’t need any relationship. I’m single, and I’m proud!!!

(drops microphone)

Viola over and out xxx

Movies that made me cry


Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and as you can tell from the title, there are movies that make me cry (the word cry is an understatement). I am such a wimp when it comes to movies. Sometimes I cry over stuff that’s not worth crying about, and then I spoil my beautiful makeup (not my makeup!!!).

But anyways, as there are so many movies that I can’t even name them all I’m going to list the top 5 movies that make me cry in order. BUT FIRST….

The movie that didn’t quite make the Top 5 – If I Stay

The fact that Mia’s parents die and her little brother die’s from the car crash make me sad but when her “Gramps” sits next to her hospital bed when she is in a coma and he has this heartbreaking speech makes me cry every time. Moreover when Adam plays that beautiful song that he wrote for her which causes her to wake up is so adorable. The movie is tragic but I love it too much.

Now onto the Top 5

5) My Sister’s Keeper

I watched this in school in Year 10 in Philosophy class. We watched the movie then we had a debate on whether Anna should have given Kate her kidney. It’s so sad when Kate dies in the end. She has terminal cancer and she looks through a collage book filled with pictures from memories and then she dies in her sleep next to her mum. I didn’t tell any of my friends but I shed one or two tears while watching it in class, but thankfully no one noticed because I was in the corner of the room. I guess it got to me because of my Nan, but I’d rather not talk about it so let’s not get into that.

4) The Fault in Our Stars

A classic. Makes everyone cry. I laugh at the start of Isaac’s eulogy and when he teases Gus for interrupting it but I feel sad when he says he doesn’t want to see a world without Gus, but then I giggle when he said he would take the robot eyes anyway. However, I cry a river when Hazel is reading her amazing eulogy about their relationship. The whole speech about infinities is so moving and heartbreaking for me because Gus should have lived. He had a 80% success rate but he ended up in the little 20%. I also cry when Hazel gets the news that he died and one of the saddest parts was when she places the pack of cigarettes on Gus’s grave because he lost his old pack. Also the letter Gus wrote at the end was beautiful.

3) Marley and Me

Judging from the title of this blog you lot just KNEW that this would pop up at some point, but why wouldn’t it? This is on everyone’s list. If it’s not, then you either haven’t seen it – in which I advice you NOT to as it ruined my life, OR you are not human and you have no soul.

Anyhoo, this movie in my opinion should never have been made. I’m not kidding, if I could wind back the clock I would most certainly un-watch it as it has caused me nothing but sadness. Even thinking about it now is choking me up.

The worst thing is when I watched it, all I knew about it was that it was about a dog. I was only 10 and my sister insisted that I watch it with her so I did. I was and still am very sensitive to animals, I can’t watch any movie where a dog is harmed or could nearly die (or I at least leave the room at that part or cover my ears and shut my eyes), so I asked my sister if the dog gets hurt or dies and she read reviews on it and she knew what happens but she said no, nothing bad happens to the dog. GODDAMM LIAR. I was sobbing like I have never sobbed before and I couldn’t take it anymore and left the room. After that I didn’t talk to my sister for 2 weeks and I refused to leave my dog alone for a month, to her annoyance. I didn’t watch past the part where they bury the dog in the garden so can you guys tell me what happens after that? Just curious to know.

2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

The part where Harry sees Snape’s memories and he finds out the truth about him. It’s funny at how people didn’t like him at first as he was a mean teacher but people’s opinion on him soon changed when we find out what he really thought. Poor Snape. That made me shed a tear. However, the epilogue is what really gets me going. When they’re in Kings Cross with their kids and they’re all grown up. The old music took me by surprise as I didn’t expect them to use that. I expect them to use the shittier modern tunes. The music and Harry all grown up brought back old memories and it became too much for me in the end. Harry was the best thing ever when I was little but now it’s all over, like the end of childhood.

1) About Time

This is my most favourite movie of all time. Even though it makes me cry I can’t stop watching it. The part when Tim’s Dad gets cancer and he dies is sad but what’s really sad is when Tim goes back in time to see his dad for the last time and they walk on the beach and Tim thanks him for being a great Dad. The end makes me cry of happiness too. I seriously recommend watching this, it’s quite a comical movie even though it’s a little sad.

That’s all for now guys.

Viola over and out xxx

Me, Myself and I

Hey guys, Viola here, call me Vi or whatever the hell you want and this is my 9th blog on my page #TheChicWithBlueHair.

I was just thinking to myself, I’ve been blogging for 2 months now and you lot barely know a thing about me other than my first name and that I have a blog, so in this blog I’m going to tell you guys more about me so you can get to know me better as a person, not just a name behind a screen.

For starters, my name is Viola.G.S, I am going to be 16 years of age on the 3rd of August this year and I live in jolly old England in the West Country.

I guess I’m classed as short being 5ft 3, I’m the second tallest in my family but at school I’m one of the shortest. My natural hair colour is brown but I had it dyed blue at the end so only half of my long hair is brown now. I have brown eyes like my dad’s and I’ve got chubby chipmunk cheeks. I have a slightly lazy eye but it’s nearly fixed so you can’t even notice it. I’ve also been wearing glasses since I was 6 because I’m a little short sighted but I only really need them for reading from a distance. I’m also slightly deaf in my left ear due to a bad ear infection when I was 8. So basically none of my senses work properly, they’ve all gone to pot. Lol

My 3 favourite colours are Magnolia, Bubblegum Blue and Rose Gold. Can’t decide which is my favourite.

fav colours

My favorite movie is ‘About Time’ and my favourite movie series and book series is ‘The Hunger Games’. #TeamPeeta! I love food, particularly KFC and McDonald’s, there’s also a lovely coffee place called Coffee #1 in my town and they do the best iced after eight hot chocolate  ever. It’s a national business at least so I advise you to try one if you’re in England.

I love makeup and videogames. I watch all sorts of YouTube gamers, Vanoss, Jacksepticeye, Xpert thief, Markiplier and many more. I love the outdoors and doing outdoor activities like rock climbing, cycling, swimming and paintballing and my favourite season is Summer. I am an animal lover and I am defiantly a dog person. I have a dog called Petra and she is a black Lab cross Springer Spaniel. She is the best ever!!!

NokiaC6-01Pics 172

I have one older sister who is 21 so there is 5 years and 10 months between us. She works as a waitress at the moment but it’s the only job she can get her hands on. My dad is a carpenter and my mum works in an office for a company that sells air conditioning units.I want to be working in the culinary field when I’m older, I don’t know specifically what yet but I’ll figure it out.

Speaking of which I’ve got a taster day at my chosen college tomorrow instead of school. I’m so excited! It isn’t a whole school year trip, they just rung me up and asked if I wanted to go and I said yet. My school knows about it so they won’t ring me up asking where the hell I am, the only thing I’ll be missing is all the drama that’s been going on recently. I’ll tell you lot how the day went tomorrow or as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for reading guys, I really appreciate it. That’s all for now but be prepared for more weekly blogs coming your way.

Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx





Hey guys! Viola here, you can call me Vi and this is my 6th blog on my page #TheChicWithBlueHair.

Today’s subject is about videogames and I must say that I absolutely love them!!!!

I don’t think it will surprise you that I love them but when my friends at school found out they were surprised because apparently I don’t look like the type of person who’s into videogames so I guess you never know, you might be surprised.

Never the less I love them. Ever since I was little I was playing them little games that were controllers that you had to plug into your TV. I had Ms Pacman, Tetris, Space Invaders and so many more I can’t remember, like this one.

ms Pacman

These were my first form of videogames and even though they’re a bit old school and the graphics  are so unbelievably poor it’s painful, I still love them and I can’t get rid of them.

At the moment I have a Wii console with mostly just dance games, an old Nintendo DS and a new 2DS. I didn’t get the 3DS as I wear glasses because I’m short sighted so it would probably mess up my eyes. Plus the fact that I read loads of reviews about it making people feel nauseous after half an hour with the 3D switch on. I think Style Boutique and Nintendogs are my favourite games on the DS. I love clothes and puppies. Mario Kart on the DS is good but it’s 10 times better on the Wii. It’s easier to steer, the graphics are better and the tracks are more awesome.

Out of X-box and PlayStation, I’m definitely a PlayStation girl. I had the PS1 when I was little and I’m still on the PS2. Before the PS4 came out the PS3 was really expensive and I decided to wait for the 4th one so the price would drop for 3. I’m definitely getting it soon. I’m so looking forward to play GTA5. I’ve watched YouTube gamers like VanossGaming and others play it and it looks amazing, but I still love the PS2 games. I am specially addicted to GTA San Andreas and the Sims 1, Sims 2, Sims 2 pets and Urbz: Sims in the City games. Last weekend I was playing The Sims 1 for at least 4 hours. I still love the old games, in my books they never get old.

The Culling on Steam looks amazing as well. I am a huge Hunger Games fan and this game is just like that, you fight to the death in an arena. I really wan t to try Minecraft, Sims 4, Assassins Creed and GTA 6 when that comes out.

When I get a proper set up and more up to date consoles I’m thinking about setting up my own gaming channel, but I don’t know what my name should be. I want it to be cool and not too girly. I don’t want people to judge the channel just because I’m a girl.

That’s all for now guys, leave a like, a comment and punch the hell out of that follow button.

Stay swagalicous guys! Viola over and out xxx















“A or B”

Hey fellow viewers! Viola’s the name, you can call me Vi and say hello to my absolutely awesome page with lots of great content.

Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been up to my neck with revision – being in Year 11 and all. However I have finally managed to make room to talk to all you guys and to make my 4th blog on my page #TheChicWithBlueHair.

Today, as you can see from the title, I want to talk about this new  recent trend that I’ve seen all over my screen on what everyone knows as Facebook. It seems that people are taking a picture from two of their friends, putting them side by side and writing “Who is prettier, A or B?” and people comment who is prettier than the other.

What the heck is this shit?????????????

It’s an utter outrage! I can’t believe Facebook is allowing this to be plastered all over their website, it’s down right SICK. That’s what it is. SICK, SICK, SICK.

Is this what society and humanity is reduced to now? That we have to say that someone isn’t as pretty as someone else? People don’t know what these girls go through, and guys as well. What if A gets 25 people saying that she is prettier and B only gets one person, and that person is her mum? You don’t know what she goes through.

What if she has starved herself and has lost 30 pounds to look what she she thinks is half decent? What if she has never had a boyfriend or girlfriend and she feels that no one likes her because of it? What if she thinks that a personality isn’t enough these days and she puts loads of makeup on to hide her imperfections because she isn’t comfortable looking at her own face in the mirror everyday? What if she is suffering from depression and has all the scars in the world to prove it? What if she has no parents and is living with her grandparents? What if she is poor and can’t afford to buy makeup and a new pair of shoes every week to make her self look “hot”? What if she was going through those things? What if?

How would she feel after seeing people’s comments that are supposedly her “friends”. For some people, that is enough to tip them over the edge. This is more wrong than anything that I’ve ever seen.

The previous trend was “Don’t Judge” where there were two shots of people, one where society refers to as ugly and the other where they have loads of makeup on and styled hair. Now Facebook has gone from saying not to judge people to judging them to see who’s the prettiest.

I am ashamed to be friends on Facebook with people who think this is the slightest bit okay. I am the type of person that can take a lot of things without getting offended but if anybody dares to involve me in this crap I swear to Christ I will go mental because this bullshit needed to cut the hell out. I would never turn to my friends and say that one of them is prettier than the other because that’s not what friends do. It would make the other feel like absolute crap.

Thanks guys for reading my blog, leave a like a comment and I will talk to you next time.

Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx

Thinking about Prom

Hello there again friends and viewers, my name is Viola you can call me Vi and welcome to my fabulous page. This is my 2nd blog and today I’m gonna chat about my Prom.

Today me and my buddies were talking about this particular big event,as any teenage girls and boys would do, as it is just 3 months away. A majority of my friends aren’t  going because they don’t see the point in spending loads of money buying high heel shoes, over-the-top transport, tacky jewellery, makeup and dresses that they’re probably never gonna wear again. Which is fine, they are entitled to their own opinion, you know freedom of speech yada yada yada, so it’ll just be Charlie and me. James isn’t really fussed but he might decide to come but it depends if he can rank up enough points. I will be able to mingle though with the other people that I’m friendly with.

I don’t know whether any other English Secondary Schools or even American High Schools have this system but at our school we get 1 point for each of our 4 lessons a day,if we bother to show up to them that is, and bonus points for being good, 10 for staying  behind after home time or 25 for coming in during the holidays. In order to go to prom we have to get 1000 points otherwise we won’t be able to go. I worked out that just for going to your lessons everyday from September till June (after all our exams finish we get July completely off, for people who don’t know) we get 800 points so we have to get at least 200 bonus points. It’s March and I’ve got 785 so far. I’ve got 3 more months to get 215 stamps. I think that’s possible.

My plan is to go in as many times as possible over our 2 week Easter holidays, then I’ll be completely covered. Plus I’ll have the end of May holidays to get more. I’ve gotta go in then anyway to do about 5 exams, I’ll definitely get points for that.

I did stay in after school today to do an IT EDCL exam with Brad and Jake (friends of mine). There are four. The first one is question on PowerPoint, the second is Word, the third is Excel  and the last is all of them together. After you finish them all you get an overall grade depending on what percentages you got. Me and Brad were on the last one and Jake was behind on the second one. I got 77% and ended up with a B overall, Brad got an A and Jake got 99%. I have know idea how he got that high, he must have cheated. It sounded boring but during the practice one before the proper one where we were aloud to talk to each other we ended having a lot of fun and we had a good laugh. The points that I got there will help me get to prom.

I probably won’t get huge transport, I don’t mind going on the VIP bus. The one that I saw at my older sister’s prom looked really nice. I have already got my shoes which are plain black heels, I’ve got most of my jewellery and I have been practicing different makeup ideas. I haven’t got my dress yet because I want to get one closer to the time in case I change sizes. I have been browsing though At the start of secondary school I saw this prom dress and I had my heart set on it.

Prom dress

The first time I saw it it was £114 but I did some research on it and found a website (can’t remember where) and they did it for £82. This dress is very popular so many places do it but the problem is it’s only online. I prefer to get one from a shop because I’d like to try it on and make sure it suites me before I buy it. To be honest I still like this dress but I probably won’t get it. I’m more interested in short dresses with transparent material on the short sleeves.

The big issue with that dress is that I have really big boobs so I’ll look stupid in it. They probably won’t have one in the right size anyway. In year 7 they were the size of jaffa cakes but now I’ve got past the point that I would be able to pull off strapless without being called a slut. People have taken a passion for making many immature jokes about my bra size. One guy even stuck his hands up his shirt to make it look like he have massive boobs in front of me, But he was from year 9 so it makes sense. The year 9’s in my school are the absolute worst out of the lot.They are so pathetic, immature and they take the absolute piss. Good thing I’m finishing soon so I won’t have to put up with them much longer

That’s all for now guys. Sorry that I rambled on a bit. If you would like my blogs to be a little shorter please let me know in the comments. Please leave a like, let me know what you think of the blog and please hit that follow button for more content.

Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx