My Social Media’s

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola and today I’m gonna tell ya about my social media sites that I have that you guys can follow me on.


I have to admit, this is my first time using Twitter, I did set up an account before but I literally never used it. However, I have now set up a new account so I can now tweet to my heart’s content. My username is…

 Violade      OR      @chicwithbluhair

PLEASE NOTE that there is no letter e in the word blue in my username, I had to get rid of one letter as the username was too long.


This is my first time using Instagram as well, I’ve only ever used Facebook and Snapchat before, but I will not be sharing them accounts with you as I am anonymous, so I would like to keep them private. Anyhoo, my account name is…


And that is all I have for you guys today!

Viola, over and out xxx


12 thoughts on “My Social Media’s

  1. Hey, fellow gryffindraft,

    How are you doing? You seem to not have received the notification that the Bloggers’ House Cup has started. You have been sorted into Gryffindraft and we have just finished our first task. Our common room seems empty without you. There are many tasks more to come and we need you.
    It’s not too late to join! So hurry up and come to the common room!

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