Then Eyebrows on Fleek

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and I’ve actually been planning this post for a long time because in order to do this, I had to leave my eyebrows alone for a long ass time. 

Now my eyebrows I believe are one of my best features and I usually maintain them to keep them looking nice, but I let them run wild and do their own thing so I could do a before and after blog on shaping eyebrows. I had to live with the worst eyebrows for 2 freaking months! If that isn’t dedication I don’t know what is.

Anyways, this is what they looked like before vs after.

Its an awfully sight, I know, but I think they turned out pretty good.

To get my brows like this, firstly I combed my brows with a brow brush so the hairs were straight.

Secondly, I used wax. It sounds painful, but the results are worth it. I used this wax for most of it. I applied it all along the top, around the tail and at the bridge of the nose.

The last step, I used a pair of tweezers to get the last few hairs that i missed to really make my brows on fleek.

Here is what my brows look like with makeup on to see the true finished results.

Thats all for now guys! Viola over and out xxx


My GCSE Results

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and this post was delayed purely so I could talk about my results.

I wasn’t too stressed in the morning as I’d already accepted that I’d failed and I was going to spend the rest of my life living in a box, but when we were outside waiting for the teachers to open the doors the anticipation was slowly killing me.

My 3 friends Charlie, James and Becca went up first and got theirs and I followed. It was pretty hard to register that I was holding in my hands what would be the grades that  will carry to my name for the rest of my days. Anyways, here they are.

English Language = C (I’ve known about this grade since Christmas)

ECDL (GCSE in computing) = B (I’ve known this since Easter)

English Literature = C

Maths = C

Biology = C

Chemistry = C

Physics = C

Dance = D (2 marks off a C, getting remarked to see if I can get that C)

Geography = D

AS Creative Writing = E (1 mark off a D so is also getting remarked)

Averall I’m happy with my results. I was gobsmacked that I managed to get a C in every Science subject. As you may know I hated Biology and i was not good at it at all. I kept getting E’s and F’s in the mock papers so it must of been a fluke that I pasted. Physics was OK but I could never learn anything as the boys kept messing around so the teacher had to stop every 5 minutes to get them to shut up. I had to teach myself the entire subject again so I could get up to scratch and thankfully that paid off. I was better at Chemistry than the other 2 but on the last mock before the exam I got an F so I have no idea how I got that C.

I am super relieved that I got a C in Maths. Now I never have to do that subject again. 

The mock for creative writing was super easy and I got a B in it so I didn’t worry about that subject too much but when I went in the real exam it was much more difficult than I was expecting which is why I screwed up and got an E. But I’m not sad. I chose to do that subject as an extra little GCSE so I haven’t lost anything, I just haven’t gained anything so it’s not too bad. I’m not disappointed.

I know my results aren’t as impressive compared to other people who got A*’s but I’m happy. Though I was a bit sad when one of my relatives pointed out that my sister got A’s , B’s and C’s and all I got was C’s, D’s and an E, but im okay. I’m happy.

Viola over and out xxx

How to Keep a Clear Complexion 

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and I’m afraid today is gonna be a short blog as I am very busy, but anyways enjoy.

Now, if you don’t know already my skin is sensitive so I tend to come out in a rash if a product I try doesn’t agree with my skin, for an example I can’t use Garnier sunscreen or any sunscreen with a high SPF. Fortunately I have found 2 products that not only have agreed with my skin, but have also worked for me.

The first product is Simple Oil Balancing Exfoliating Wash. It’s a clear gel hat acts just like face cream. It moisturises your skin and has properties that help prevent pimples, acne and blemishes from forming. You are very unlikely to react badly to it as well.

The second product is an E45 Dry Skin Treatment Cream. I tend to get dry skin around my nose so I apply this in the morning and the evening around my nose and under the eyes. It really works and it isn’t that expensive.

That’s all for now guys.

Viola over and out xxx

Summer FunFun

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and yesterday I went to Weston-Super-Mare!

As the weather was so nice me and Sophie decided to go on a lovely day out with our Granddad and enjoy the Summer sun while it lasts. It was a bit busy but it was amazing. We had a look at the shops, we had a drink and a cake in a cafe for lunch then we walked along the front.

The best part was the Grand Pier, I love it in there. The fair was also in town so we went on a few rides there as well, including a roller coaster called Mouse Trap.

I want to live in Weston when I’m older, it’s 3 times better than the town I live in.

Viola over and out xxx

Product Review

wp-1471187497977.jpegHey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and as I bought some new Makeup products last Tuesday I decided to try them out and do a review on them so you guys know if they’re any good.

Product 1 – Revolution Pro Fix Amazing Makeup Fixing Spray

Score – 7/10

I quite like this product. The packaging is quite presentable, It’s not to big so you can easily take it when you travel, and it does work. My eyeliner tends to fade a little after a couple hours, but after using this product my eyeliner didn’t fade all day. The difference from using to not using this product is definitely noticeable and I like it. The reason it didn’t get a 10 was on one occasion I had to pat a little access spray that didn’t set in off of my cheek which you shouldn’t really need to do, but that doesn’t make me dislike it.

Product 2 – Revolution 3 Highlighter Powder Palette

Score – 1000/10

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!!!! This highlighter is so freaking amazing, a cannot even put it into words. There is a light gold shade, a light pink shade and a light purple shade. It blends beautifully, The packaging is so attractive and it’s beautiful! I cant find anything wrong with this highlighter, it’s that perfect.

Product 3 – Collection Eye Brow Kit in Brunette

Score – 8/10

My eyebrows are quite dark so they are visible without makeup, but they look bare and their shape isn’t entirely how I would like them to be. With this product you get 3 shades, light brown for the start of the brow, a darker brown for the middle and black for the tail, and they blend together really nicely. Before trying it I was a little worried that the shades would be too dark and it would look like I taped slugs to my face, but luckily I was worrying about nothing. If you only use a tiny bit of black for the tail you can get beautifully shaped brows that’ll last all day. Moreover, with this product you get more for your money. As well as the 3 shades, you get two brushes and a clear brow mascara that sticks your eyebrows to your face so you don’t have to worry about rain and sweat so much. It only gets an 8 because as your applying it, the black can smudge a little onto your skin so you have to be a little careful, but you can cover any smudge marks with foundation so its all good.

Product 4 – Collection Primed and Ready Primer

Score – 9/10

This is a great base to use before foundation. It blends into your skin really nicely, you can use it without using makeup after to get a nice matte look, it acts as a pore minimiser and it has anti-blemish properties. Moreover, it’s small packaging means that it can easily fit in your bag without taking up too much space. However, as it is clear it’s a little hard to tell if you applied it everywhere on your face, which is why it isn’t a 10.

Viola over and out xxx


Out on the Town

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and yesterday I had a girls day out with my sister Sophie which I haven’t done for a long time.

Ever since she started working as a waitress she hasn’t been able to get much time off but luckily she managed to get the day off yesterday so we decided to go out on the town to do a bit of shopping and get a coffee (well, I get a coffee. Sophie doesn’t like it because she’s weird).

We caught the local bus as we are too lazy to walk and we went to our favourite cafe first, Coffee #1. I always have an iced After Eight hot chocolate with whipped cream every time I go there, they are so scrumptious!

For shopping we first went to my favourite store which is Superdrug. I thought Sophie was going to get bored and have know idea what I’m talking about, but even though she’s not really into makeup  as much as me and her eyeliner skills are an embarrassment (she’s terrible), she surprisingly knows quite a bit about it. Her looking at all the different stuff and me being addicted to shopping and having used makeup for 9 years resulted in us spending half an hour browsing and kissing goodbye to £35 worth of our money, whoops. Totally worth it though.

As I’m starting college in less than 4 weeks time we also went stationary shopping at WHSmith where I got pens, Tipex tape, an Academic Year Diary and a fashion magazine that I’ve started purchasing. We had a look around Wilko’s and a couple other places and then we went in Subway for lunch. I had a chicken and bacon 6 inch sub with onions and ketchup and a drink.

Usually in Subway, one Pepsi Max drink is enough for me, but as I hadn’t had any coffee all day I had two as I felt super drowsy. Ever since I started drinking coffee every day my body now depends on it. Don’t even attempt to talk to me in the morning before I have coffee. One drink in the morning can see me through the maturity of the day but in this case I didn’t have one which didn’t turn out well. Before we took the bus home we had to go to McDonald’s for a mocha frappe to wake me up. I felt much better afterwards. It’s not hard at all to live with a major caffeine addiction, I’d rather be addicted to coffee that won’t kill me rather than smoking and alcohol that will.

All in all I had a great day out. I’ve got lots more new makeup to add to my collection. I’ll publish a review on what I bought this Sunday on my makeup channel. I wish my friends were there, hopefully we’ll all go out and celebrate our success or our failure on Results Day.

Viola over and out xxx

What’s in my Makeup Collection

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and this is my first makeup blog. I’m so excited!!!
Today, I’m going to show you what I have and like to use in my Makeup Collection to start off my new Makeup Blog. So grab yourself some Starbucks because this is gonna be a doozie.

First off, let’s start off with foundation, concealer and contour.

For the base I like to use Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation in the Light Vanilla 51 shade as my skin is a little pale, and I use a blending sponge to blend it in so it doesn’t go all cakey. Now my skin is quite sensitive so I have to watch what products I use to avoid coming out in a rash, but this has never reacted badly to my skin and it gives the look of a clear complextion which I love.

I tend to get redness around my nose a lot but the Sleek Colour Corrector Pallette solves that problem nicely. The blue is great for the redness and for freckles, the green helps to cover scars and marks and the yellow is great for dark circles under the eyes.

On top of this makeup palette I like to use the Revolution Ultra Professional Cover and Concealer Pallette in Light. I wouldn’t recommend it for contour as the shades are too similar. However, I love to use it for the redness around my nose, my freckles and my scars and marks. If you want to use this pallette, I would advise practising with it as it is easy to get it smeary and cakey, but if you know what your doing you can achieve significant results.

For contour I love to use the Freedom Pro Strobe Cream Pallette. The shades are perfect, it blends really well and with the right tools you can end up with a beautiful contour. It does come with a flat brush which does work really well, but I think it works best with oval brushes which you can buy online.

However, if I want to go for a less dramatic and more natural look for the day I use Rimmel BB cream as the base as it moisturises and refreshes my skin while acting as a subtle foundation at the same time, and to finish the look I use Maybelline Master Sculpt powder for contour. I use a large powder brush to get this more natural look.

Secondly, the eyes and the brows.

At the moment I don’t use expensive brand eyeshadows as I don’t like to spend too much and I know the brand stuff works better, but in my opinion the cheaper stuff is just as good. I use eyeshadow pallettes that vary from 0-5 pounds which results in me saving money. In my opinion, any eyeshadow works, it doesn’t matter what you use.

The same goes with eyeliner. I bought a liquid eyeliner from Poundland and it works just as well as the brand stuff. For a more dramatic look I use a black eyeliner pot that I bought from Claire’s which came with a silver brush. However, if I want a more natural look I use brown eyeliner, it works just as well as black. You don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds for eyeliner.

Although, with mascara it’s a slightly different story. The cheap mascaras never worked for me. They were clumpy, they smeared and they were dreadful. If you want long, volumized lashes, your gonna need to spend a bit more money. During the day I use Collection NO Clumps Definition Mascara. It really works and your lashes look longer. However, if I want to go all out with the big, bold, defining lashes without using false lashes, I use and recommend the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Flex Mascara. It is outstanding and it’s perfect for a girls night out.

For the brows I just use brown eyeshadow but that’s just temporary, I’m getting some proper eyebrow makeup soon.

Last and not least, lips.

Out of all the different types of lipstick, I’m a matte girl. My favourite matte lipstick is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Collection. I only have one shade which is the ‘Don’t pink of it 10’ shade. The reason I don’t have them all it that they’re £8.99 each in Superdrug, and I don’t have that kind of money to spend on just lipsticks. One problem about these lipsticks is that it doesn’t dry or set. If your wearing it and you have a drink, it’s gonna get on your mug. In conclusion if I want a lipstick that dries and doesn’t come off as easy, I like to use the Rimmel London Provocalips collection. It comes with a clear top coat that locks in the colour and makes it last longer.

If I don’t want matte I have the Sleek Candy Tint Balm and the So…Kiss Me Lip Balm. I also have one lip balm and one lipgloss that was a freebie from a magazine but they work really well.

That’s all for now guys! I hope you enjoyed my first makeup blog as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ll probably do these blogs once a week and don’t worry, I have lots of ideas up my sleeve.

Viola over and out xxx

My Sweet 16th

Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and I am 16 now! The big 1 6.

To be honest I don’t feel any older and I feel no different. Not that I was expecting to suddenly feel really old. One thing that always happens every year, is for a few weeks or so after my birthday if I have to write or say my age I end up saying the wrong age. So for the next couple weeks or so if someone asks me how old I am, I’ll end up saying “15-uugghh-I mean 16!” It happens every time.

The day itself wasn’t really any different from a normal day. My parents and sister went to work, I stayed at home. Some of you might think that spending your birthday alone is sad, and admittedly I was one of those people. I was so sad when I found out my sister couldn’t get the day off. However, I realized it’s not so bad as people say, I could watch anything on the TV, I could turn up the stereo as loud as I wanted and have a freaking party if I wanted. Well not that loud, my neighbours would be pissed otherwise.

Another thing I could do is that I could eat anything I wanted for breakfast without my parents nagging in my ear saying “you can’t eat that for breakfast! Eat some cereal like a normal person.” Well guess what Mum? I’m not a normal person. I am a crazy, loud and annoying wack-job and I’m gonna have Ben and Jerry’s for breakfast because it is Goddamn delicious. BTW, Cookie Dough is the best flavour, no contest.

My dad suggested I make a cake or some cupcakes since I like “all that chiefing so much”, yeah, like having to make your own birthday cake on your birthday isn’t depressing. However, I got bored….and hungry…. I then made a batch of chocolate muffins….and they were scrumptious…. don’t judge.

I accompanied my well balanced and healthy breakfast with a cappuccino with a dash of sugar, and then I had an Espresso Macchiato, chilled.

Later on I went to my Granddad’s house for a couple of hours. It was always my Nan who would organise days out and stuff like that and Granddad isn’t used to doing that, but bless him he really tried to do fun things. We had boiled eggs and soldiers for lunch, in which he boiled the eggs just the way I like them, we watched ‘The Sound of Music’, a classic we both love, and he bought two creme doughnuts from Sainsbury’s and put a candle in mine which made me smile.

Usually I stay there until 5pm and then my dad will pick me up after work and take me home. However, my Granddad had to go for an appointment at the hospital in the next town on from ours so he dropped me off home at 4:30pm. It wasn’t long before mum and dad came home but then my Granddad turned up with my sister. Turns out he was only picking her up from work because she finished early, he had no appointment at all.

We all had hot drinks in which I had another cappuccino, and my birthday cake. Usually I end up having Victoria Sponge with too much fondant icing on it which makes it a little too sickly and I have been asking for a chocolate cake for years and never had one. However, this year thanks to my sister I finally had a Thornton’s chocolate cake. After we finished eating I opened cards and presents. One of my cards from my friend Becca had a scratch card in it for 80 grand, but I didn’t win anything. I got some birthday money, some chocolate, a cooking Dictionary book and then I had a brand new laptop. I have never had one all to myself before, I have always borrowed my sister’s laptop which was left to her in Nan’s will. However, I now have my own to use for my blogs and for college. I won’t use it yet though as my mum’s co-worker Mark is an IT expert so he’s going to set it all up for me, I will be able to start using it in the next couple of weeks.

For tea I had chips from the best chippie in town because the one on my estate is terrible. I had it last Thursday and it was too greasy and only half cooked. That was half the reason why I was sick last Friday. Before we went to the chippie we took a detour to McDonalds so I could get my favourite Mocha Frappe drink. As I had four coffees yesterday, I shit you not, my fart smelled like a strong coffee. Some of you may be grossed out, but everyone farts and it was awesome!

So that’s all I have for you guys today! Viola over and out xxx