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Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and I am one of the 3 people nominated by my dear friend and fellow blogger Annoymousblogger101 to answer 6 questions about blogging.

Now, I was nominated late last Thursday night so I decided to write this yesterday morning (Friday) as I had nothing to do then, but unfortunately I got sick which hardly ever happens for me. I woke up yesterday in agony. I’ve never been in that much pain before, I felt like an axe had been taken to my stomach. Inevitably the pain was so bad I vomited, so I stayed in bed the rest of the day, which meant no blog. But don’t worry about me, I’m much better now so enough about me being ill, on with the blog.

1) What was the most POINTLESS post you have ever done?

I would say my “Thinking about Prom” post as it was no where near prom at the time and I was just blabbing and something that was so uninteresting.

2) If you could swap blogs with anyone what blog would you choose and why?

I would say Tom Syndicate because he and his life is awesome, but that probably doesn’t count because they are vlogs not blogs, so I would say that I wouldn’t swap with anyone because everyone has their own style and I like my style and I like doing my own thing. I wouldn’t swap with anyone given the opportunity.

3) Say a paragraph about the person who nominated you.

Where to begin with this person. To be honest I couldn’t ask for anyone better to have for a friend. I know we haven’t always agreed on everything but we got through those times and I’m glad that we did. You made my time at school much more fun and bearable, and I hope we stay in touch so we can annoy each other for a long time to come. I hope we still see each other when we start college too.

4) Never be able to blog again or never be in love, which one?

I can’t quit blogging. I’ve only done it for 5 months but it’s become a part of my life now. I would chose not to be in love again because it’s caused me nothing but endless pain, sadness and even loneliness in my experience. It still does now, I even cry about it sometimes as they never love me back or suddenly lose interest in me with no explanation or warning. Probably because they found something or someone better.

5) What post that you have done that you are most proud of?

I would say my Wales trip posts because even though I was in the middle of know where on a freaking mountain with no signal I somehow managed to blog nearly everyday thous fulfilling my promise to you guys which was great.

Is there a blogger that you absolutely love?

I have 2. I would definitely say Elm as she is a pro at what she does and I never get tired of reading her posts. I would also say Annoymousblogger101 as if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be blogging right now and I love every single one of her posts.

That’s all for now guys!

Viola over and out xxx



Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola and today I have some exciting news! On Sunday 7th August I will Upload my First Makeup Blog!!! My makeup blogs will cover everything, from tutorials to product reviews, to before and afters and even some helpful tips and tricks that will make things easier for you.

Now bearing in mind I am an anonymous blogger and I would like to keep my identity private unless I choose to reveal my identity. In conclusion, for now on my channel it’ll just be written blogs, but possibly in the future i might make voice records or even videos, but if I do, not all of my face will be shown.

Don’t worry though, I promise that won’t get in the way of my makeup blogs and I will make loads for you lot.

Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx

Movies that made me cry


Hey guys! It’s your girl Viola, and as you can tell from the title, there are movies that make me cry (the word cry is an understatement). I am such a wimp when it comes to movies. Sometimes I cry over stuff that’s not worth crying about, and then I spoil my beautiful makeup (not my makeup!!!).

But anyways, as there are so many movies that I can’t even name them all I’m going to list the top 5 movies that make me cry in order. BUT FIRST….

The movie that didn’t quite make the Top 5 – If I Stay

The fact that Mia’s parents die and her little brother die’s from the car crash make me sad but when her “Gramps” sits next to her hospital bed when she is in a coma and he has this heartbreaking speech makes me cry every time. Moreover when Adam plays that beautiful song that he wrote for her which causes her to wake up is so adorable. The movie is tragic but I love it too much.

Now onto the Top 5

5) My Sister’s Keeper

I watched this in school in Year 10 in Philosophy class. We watched the movie then we had a debate on whether Anna should have given Kate her kidney. It’s so sad when Kate dies in the end. She has terminal cancer and she looks through a collage book filled with pictures from memories and then she dies in her sleep next to her mum. I didn’t tell any of my friends but I shed one or two tears while watching it in class, but thankfully no one noticed because I was in the corner of the room. I guess it got to me because of my Nan, but I’d rather not talk about it so let’s not get into that.

4) The Fault in Our Stars

A classic. Makes everyone cry. I laugh at the start of Isaac’s eulogy and when he teases Gus for interrupting it but I feel sad when he says he doesn’t want to see a world without Gus, but then I giggle when he said he would take the robot eyes anyway. However, I cry a river when Hazel is reading her amazing eulogy about their relationship. The whole speech about infinities is so moving and heartbreaking for me because Gus should have lived. He had a 80% success rate but he ended up in the little 20%. I also cry when Hazel gets the news that he died and one of the saddest parts was when she places the pack of cigarettes on Gus’s grave because he lost his old pack. Also the letter Gus wrote at the end was beautiful.

3) Marley and Me

Judging from the title of this blog you lot just KNEW that this would pop up at some point, but why wouldn’t it? This is on everyone’s list. If it’s not, then you either haven’t seen it – in which I advice you NOT to as it ruined my life, OR you are not human and you have no soul.

Anyhoo, this movie in my opinion should never have been made. I’m not kidding, if I could wind back the clock I would most certainly un-watch it as it has caused me nothing but sadness. Even thinking about it now is choking me up.

The worst thing is when I watched it, all I knew about it was that it was about a dog. I was only 10 and my sister insisted that I watch it with her so I did. I was and still am very sensitive to animals, I can’t watch any movie where a dog is harmed or could nearly die (or I at least leave the room at that part or cover my ears and shut my eyes), so I asked my sister if the dog gets hurt or dies and she read reviews on it and she knew what happens but she said no, nothing bad happens to the dog. GODDAMM LIAR. I was sobbing like I have never sobbed before and I couldn’t take it anymore and left the room. After that I didn’t talk to my sister for 2 weeks and I refused to leave my dog alone for a month, to her annoyance. I didn’t watch past the part where they bury the dog in the garden so can you guys tell me what happens after that? Just curious to know.

2) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

The part where Harry sees Snape’s memories and he finds out the truth about him. It’s funny at how people didn’t like him at first as he was a mean teacher but people’s opinion on him soon changed when we find out what he really thought. Poor Snape. That made me shed a tear. However, the epilogue is what really gets me going. When they’re in Kings Cross with their kids and they’re all grown up. The old music took me by surprise as I didn’t expect them to use that. I expect them to use the shittier modern tunes. The music and Harry all grown up brought back old memories and it became too much for me in the end. Harry was the best thing ever when I was little but now it’s all over, like the end of childhood.

1) About Time

This is my most favourite movie of all time. Even though it makes me cry I can’t stop watching it. The part when Tim’s Dad gets cancer and he dies is sad but what’s really sad is when Tim goes back in time to see his dad for the last time and they walk on the beach and Tim thanks him for being a great Dad. The end makes me cry of happiness too. I seriously recommend watching this, it’s quite a comical movie even though it’s a little sad.

That’s all for now guys.

Viola over and out xxx

Wales: Day 7 (The Final Day)

Got up super late (11am) and rushed breakfast. Although it was Malteasers Teasers chocolate spread so it was quick but delicious, don’t believe me ask the dishes!
(let me know in the comments where you think that little quote was from, bet you won’t get it)
We went to Betsy Coed, which has some pretty great shops. We found a nice restaurant to have lunch. I had a 9 inch cheese pizza with bacon on it with a side of onion rings.
After that we looked at the shops and I purchased a new jumper and a chocolate bar which I ate, then we went to Codwalders again. I went there on Sunday or Monday and got a huge sundae called the Chocabocker Glory. This time I got a ice cream hot chocolate. It was basically hot chocolate with ice cream in it and whipped cream with sprinkles and a flake. It was delicious, don’t believe me ask the dishes! (sorry, I’ll stop now)
We went through Llanberis and took the Llanberis pass to get to the holiday home. In the town they were setting up barriers and stands for a big race tomorrow. It involves hiking, cycling, running, allsorts. Its going to be on tv tomorrow morning.
In the pass it was so foggy that you wouldn’t have known you were surrounded by massive mountains, you couldn’t see a thing.
Now that we’ve finished packing everything away were watching The Last Leg. Great show.
BTW keep forgetting to tell you guys, after the train ride we were driving down the road and a google maps car passed us. So in a few months, I’m going to be on Google Maps!!!!!!!!
Viola over and out xxx

Wales: Day 6

Got up early to go for a morning swim as soon as the pool opened. Its not the rules but the kids don’t really come in until after 10am so it was pretty quite to start off with.
We went for a drive around some villages we haven’t been to yet. There wasn’t much but we found a wool factory where you can watch people making blankets with both modern and old machinery. There was an awful stuffy smell though so I couldn’t stay in there very long.
After that we went to a lovely blue lake and had a picnic on the grass. We fed the ducks and I went paddling in the water (only up to my knees) and threw stones. A couple even skimmed across the water. The water was ice cold but i got used to it.
Then after going to Morrisons in Carnarvon to fill up the car we went back to the holiday park. We had leftovers for tea as we need to use up the food we bought.
Now we have plugged my dads camera into the tv and are looking at the photos that he took. I took more and better photos than him.
That’s all for now.
Viola over and out xxx

Wales: Day 4 & 5

I know, I didn’t blog yesterday, apologies. The WiFi cut out which was annoying. Anyhoo, trailing off here, on which Wales!
Day 4:
Went to the pool till 12 with my parents and sister. Had lots of fun and sister fell in. Wish I got it on camera.
After that we went to Llanberis to pick up some leaflets for day activities.
We then drive around the local towns and checks websites like tripadviser to try and find a nice restaurant to eat at. We found a lovely place called Table Table and i had a double stacked steak burger with fries, then an eaten mess for dessert.
After the meal we went to the caravan and played cards.
Day 5:
Went to Beddgelert, a lovely little village in the valley. Had a cappuccino with a slice of chocolate cake in a café by the stream.
Had a look in a few shops. Bought a chocolate bar charm for my charm bracelet then we walked along the stream till it met the train bridge. We managed to see the steam train go by before we walked back to the village.
Before we left we had an ice cream. I had a mango sorbet, mum and my sister had a raspberry sorbet and dad had a rum and raison ice cream. After that we went to the caravan to get changed into warmer attire.
We then went to a car park near Snowdon and trekked nearly halfway up. The view was incredible and I got load of great shots.
During the course of this week i appeared to have become a professional photographer.
For tea we had fish and chips from a place in Carnarvon.
That’s all for now.
Viola over and out xxx

Wales: Day 3

Rain woke me up at 3am, but overall had a great night sleep. Got up at 9am and had marmalade on toast with a cup of tea, or 3.
Spent the morning looking at leaflets to find something we could do for the day. In the end we decided to go to Porthmadog train station. There are old steam trains that would take you to different stations in towns and villages all the way to Blaenau Ffestiniog.
We went to the last stop then back again, all through the hills. The views were amazing, although the carriage shook a little too violently at times.
There was a Wilko’s shop outside the station which I found funny as it’s one of the only shops I’ve recognised so far while being here. After that we drove through the local towns and villages near the holiday site to look for a nice restaurant that we can eat at one night this week. We’ve discovered some nice places but I cant remember the names.
While having tea (pasta with tomato sauce) we watched The Mummy 3, Tomb of the Dragon Emperor.
Tomorrow we might all four of us go in the pool.
That’s all for now.
Viola over and out xxx

Wales: Day 2

I woke up at 6:30 in the morning and couldn’t go back to bed. Though I got up early I had a great night sleep, my bed is so comfy compared to my old mattress at home as the stuffing has gone in it so the springs stick into my back.
My family was still asleep so I went into the lounge and flipped through the tv channels.
There wasn’t anything on so I read my book instead (Me Before You, haven’t read it before). My dad and sister got up at 8-9ish and we had breakfast.
My sister and me were going to do archery at 11am but it was already fully booked so we went swimming instead. The pool here is really nice and very well heated.
Once we finished there is a costume machine. You put the costumes in one at a time, hold the lid down and it compresses and squeezes all the water out in less than 2 minutes. My costume came out bone dry!
We went back to the caravan at 12 then we went to a lovely town in the valley. We stopped at a coffee shop and I had a massive sundae with chocolate muffins in it. It was called Chocabocker Glory and it was llluuuusssshhhh.
We went to a sport shop because my sister didn’t have a very good coat. We then went to a cute little candy store where I got two bubblegum lollies and strawberry sweets.
After that we went back through the pass. Now a storm wasn’t there we could see it much more clearly and it’s absolutely breathtaking. The mountains make you feel tiny. After we stopped at a view point to take some pictures we went back to the site. We’re about to have chicken with salad for tea as we bought two chickens yesterday, then we’re going to play card games.
That’s all for now.
Viola over and out xxx

Wales: Day 1

Hey guys! As it turns out there is WiFi in the Caravans so I should be able to blog everyday, unless the WiFi is corrupted which hopefully won’t happen.
Anyhoo, day 1 of Wales.
I slept through my 7am alarm and woke up at 9am which wasn’t too bad as we didn’t leave home until 1pm. The dog went to the kennels at 11am which was sad, but she likes it there so she’s happy.
We went through Bristol and took the M48 bridge. We didn’t take the motorway, we went through the towns instead. Just before we get to the park we had to go through the Llanberis pass that goes alongside Snowdon and we got caught in a horrendous shower. There was thick fog, rain pelting it down and torrents running down the mountains. We had to stop for five minutes for it to blow over. After the shower passed a bit we continued on. We didn’t get to the holiday site until 7pm so it was a long day.
When we got here we dumped our stuff and went to Morrisons to pick up some stuff. We had cooked chicken for tea with pickles and other bits and bobs as we were too exhausted to cook a proper meal.
Now were sitting on the couch watching Celebrity Juice.
That’s all for now.
Viola over and out xxx

Finished Packing

Hey guys! Viola here with another blog, and I know what you’re thinking. Two blogs in one day??? That’s unusual for me, but nevertheless here it is.

As you may know tomorrow morning I am going on vacation to North-West (ish) Wales with my family for 1 week and I have finally finished packing everything. When I was packing electronics and stuff into my backpack I thought my bag was only going to be half full which has never happened before as usually my bag is brim full but by the time I was finished it was bursting at the seams, so nothing’s changed.

Now I’m just relaxing with a cup of tea. I should go to sleep as I have to get up earlier than usual tomorrow morning but my mum is still sorting stuff in her room with the TV blazing. Plus the landing light is on and it’s super bright and I can’t sleep very well with lots of noises and bright lights. Some of you are thinking “just close the door” but there is a window above my door so the light eluminates the room too much so I can’t. I wouldn’t go to sleep now anyway, got too many YouTube videos to watch.

When I get back from holiday my list of stuff to watch on youtube will be humongous as I won’t be able to go on the internet much while I’m out there. I have no clue how I’ll survive.

Now, there is an issue I need to discuss. I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to blog while I’m out there as there is no WiFi in the caravan. There is WiFi in the main building at the cafes and the pool but I don’t know how frequent I’ll be able to go there. Although, I can promise I’ll try and blog everyday. I found out the issue with my WordPress app on my phone. I was using and old app that they recently got rid off which was why it wasn’t working, now I have a new updated WordPress app which does work and I should be able to blog on my phone now.

It depends on the signal strength but I put a fresh top up on my phone yesterday so I now have internet data that I can use. I’ll use this data on nothing other than blogging, so I’m using my 500mb on just you guys. Because of this the blogs will be shorter and they’ll be brief summaries of the day but I’ll try my very best to make sure I tell you as much as I can of the trip.

If for some reason I can’t blog out there I promise I will tell you lot everything when I return from my vacation and tell you how it went. I would be surprised if I can’t blog at all, I should be able to blog at least once, but as I said I can’t guarantee anything.

Viola over and out xxx