Hey guys, Viola here, as always, and I am happy and ever so delighted and relieved to announce that….
Sorry, couldn’t resist that song, but you have to admit it was appropriate timing and it’s utterly awesome. Am I right? Of course I’m right.
Getting away from the point!
Anyhooooooo….I decided not to blog much during my exam period,
because revision comes first, as I might have said before. However, I completed my last exam last Friday, and I know what you guys are thinking. It’s Monday, where are promised blogs????
I can only apologise for that, I was too exhausted to write any blogs straight after finishing the exams and I literally spend my entire weekend in bed, I was just too tired to do anything, but I’m back now and that’s what matters.
In conclusion, as I am back and have too much free time on my hands to do anything with it, so expect to see many more frequent blogs in the near future. They are are going to be bigger, better and exceedingly epic!
That’s right, epic!
Here’s a little taste of some of what’s yet to come;

▶ Prom (30th June), where I will fill you in on everything that happened that day and how awesome it was.
Leavers Assembly (7th July), where I’ll tell you how it went and how terrible and embarrassing the slide show was.
Makeup, this will be new to my page, I don’t know what format it’ll be, whether it maybe a video, a voice record or just a normal blog with pictures, but there will be makeup no matter what shape or form it’s in.
Exam Results, this won’t be until the end of August but I will share my results with you when I go to Results Day.
My Sweet 16th, this blog won’t be too spectacular as I don’t really celebrate my birthday’s in a big way, usually I just get 2 or 3 presents, some money, spend the day shopping with said money then have a takeaway for tea. However, I’ll just write about it anyway just because I can but hopefully you’ll enjoy reading it (my birthday is 3rd August).
First Day of College, this won’t be until Monday 5th September but I may as well just let you know when to expect it.
My Holiday to North Wales, I am leaving for Wales on Saturday 9th July and I’m staying at a holiday park for a week in a large “luxury” caravan. However I might not be able to blog while I’m actually out there as I’m not taking my tablet or my laptop. I do have WordPress on my phone but the app has been playing up recently and it won’t let me use it, so I might just have to tell you guys about the trip when I get back. I will try to blog out there but I can’t promise anything.

That’s what to expect in the future as well as other little blog ideas I have in mind. I promise I will blog much more often now, not just once or twice a month because that’s not good enough for you guys. I will be blogging at least twice a week so you have plenty to read about.

Stay swagalicious! Viola over and out xxx



Hey guys, Viola here and this is my 13th blog on my page since I started in March and last week I gained my 10th follower! That may not sound impressive to some people but I am super happy about it. Hopefully I can double that amount very soon.

Anyway, today because it has been 23 days since my last blog (my apologies off course) today’s blog is a simple update on what’s been happening the past few weeks.

1. School

The first of my 17 exams was on the 17th of May for Biology. Now I have completed 7 of them and only have 10 to go. My last exam is on the 24th of June so I officially finish school in 3 weeks time. I must say I am excited to finish my GCSEs and take the next step forward in my life. However, I can’t help but feel saddened at the thought of school ending after 5 years. There are people in my life at the moment that I take for granted, not necessarily friends with all of them but I know that soon they’ll be leaving my life and in a way I’ll miss them. I hate it when I lose contact with friends or people that I’m fairly fond of but it’s inevitable. Sometimes it’s upsetting knowing what’s about to happen next, but what can I do? I can only have hope that I keep in contact with as many as I can.

2. Prom

2 weeks ago, my mum and dad took me shopping to Clarks Village in Street which is basically a whole bunch of shops. I tried on numerous amounts of dresses, so many I lost count. In the end I went for a lovely dark blue dress from a shop called Coast that sort of has a collar instead of straps. It’s technically strapless because the collar is only connected to the torso by chiffon, which is also what the skirt is made out of. It’s not what I imagined to wear for prom but I absolutely love it and I think it suits me well.

my Prom dress

Iv’e also bought my accessories and sorted my makeup. One last thing I have to do is decide what to do with my hair. My hair is very stubborn, it’s quite long – halfway between my shoulders and my elbows – but it’s extremely thick. I try and put it in a neat bun and a bunch of hair comes loose. The worst thing with my hair is bobby pins. I tried a lovely updo which is mainly held up by the pins but I cant seem to put them in properly, all of my hair just falls back down to a mess. I want an updo but something that’ll stay and look nice. I’ll have 6 days after my last exam to figure something out so I’ll try not to worry too much.

That’s all at the moment. Speak to you all soon

Stay swagalicious! Viola over and out xxx