The Finals

Hello there you swagalicious lot! It is the one and only Viola speaking and this is my 12th post on my page. Today I’m gonna talk about my GCSE examinations.

Now, as all your fabulous faces know I am in Year 11 in Secondary School and we all know what that means don’t we – exams, and a lot of them. In total I have 17… yes 17…exams to do which are spread over the course of May and June. My last exam is on the 24th of June, six days before Prom, and my first one is this upper coming Tuesday. In England at the moment it’s nearly half past two on a Saturday so if you can’t already tell, I am sh*****g myself with stress right now.

I have already done all my coursework including all of my practicals for Dance so that’s one thing out of the way. I’m extremely worried about my first exam as it’s Biology. Now this subject is definitely not my forte at all, and I’ve got three Biology exams to deal with as the whole subject is split into three different parts – as are Chemistry, Physics and Geography. I can barely remember any of the Biological terms and names for stuff so I doubt I am going to get a C.

The order of my 17 examinations are;

  • Biology B1
  • Chemistry C1
  • English Literature
  • Geography B1
  • Physics P1
  • Maths – Non Calculator
  • Creative Writing (the subject I signed up for)
  • Geography B2
  • Maths – Calculator
  • Biology B2
  • Chemistry C2
  • Physics P2
  • Geography B3
  • Biology B3
  • Chemistry C3
  • Dance
  • Physics P3

(English Language isn’t up there as I already did that in November – I got a C)

To be honest I’m not too worried about English Lit and Maths as I have got straight B’s in English and almost a B in Maths. I’m definitely stressing about Geography as there are so many named examples I am expected to remember which is ridiculous. For revision I’m just going to revise them in order, so I’ll do Biology first and worry about Dance later as that’s nearly the last one.

It’s annoying the fact that I want them done and out of the way but I don’t want to do them. I get stressed knowing the fact that whatever results I get I’ll carry for the rest of my life, which is a scary thought. I just keep thinking the more exams I do, the closer I am to Prom which I can’t wait for. I’m going to get my dress in the May half term which is in three weeks – I’m so excited!!!

Anyone that’s doing their exams right now, I can do nothing but wish you the best of luck and hope that you get the grades that you worked hard for.

Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx


Nearing the End

Do you know what I never thought I’d say or write? That I never thought I would even admit to anyone including myself? I am genuinely going to miss secondary school. Even some of the lessons which is a shocker for me because I always complain about how much I hate lessons and the boring teachers and all I want to do is go home to my bed. I guess you don’t realise how fun school really is until it’s finished.

Before I started secondary school, I thought it was going to be amazing, I thought i was going to have lots of great friends and have lots of fun and the lessons would be utterly great….. and then I started, and my thoughts soon changed.

My social anxiety soon kicked in and I soon didn’t want to talk to anyone. My primary school friends went to another school so I was starting on my own, everyone knew someone in the year so they already had their little friend groups and shunned the loners like me. Luckily a few people in my tutor were open to new friends and I wasn’t on my own anymore, but for a little while I just felt like the tag along because I was so shy.

Bullies soon gave me a nickname I hated and used it frequently and I never stood up for myself and just kept walking. However, as the weeks went on I started to get comfortable and started to come out of my shell. By year 8 there were still bullies but I had great friends who I could laugh with and I soon forgot about them.

By year 9 I wasn’t so afraid to talk to strangers and my friend circle got even bigger, the friend groups swapped and changed but I still had great friends.

By year 10 we had an awesome hangout spot and we made funny videos and laughed when we watched them afterwards, and to be honest I started to enjoy quite a few of my lessons more. There were tears and sadness but I was still happy at the end of the day.

Now in year 11 our friend group has doubled and we go on the field everyday, and instead of being anxious and not saying much I’m jumping about all over the place. All of my friends would say I’m the loudest person ever, probably too loud. I have definitely overcome my social anxiety.  I went from not speaking to anyone and being referred to as “the quiet one” to being the most outgoing, crazy and downright bonkers girl who just laughs nearly all the time, and I don’t want to stop.

All this time I was saying “I can’t wait until school is over” now I don’t want it to end because I know that there are friends of mine that I’m going to loose contact with and we’ll probably never see each other again until 20 years later in the crisps aisle in Sainsbury’s. That’s depressing.

I’m going to miss the harmless banter with the teachers, I’m going to miss moaning about homework (not the actual homework), I’m going to miss the great times with my friends. It’s like the end of an era. I hope that I keep in touch with as many people as I can because I hate going from friends to strangers. That’s the worst.

I can’t wait until college but at the same time I’m sad that I’m finishing in 2 months. Secondary school didn’t turn out very well at first but do you know what? I am very fortunate to have met every single one of my friends and I’m glad I have, and do you want to know something else? School has been amazing, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.


Stay swagalious guys! Viola over and out xxx

Taster Day

Hey guys how’s it going! I’m Viola and today was the best day ever!!!! I had so much fun at my taster day.

(If you don’t know what a Taster Day is, it’s where I have a go to my chosen College that I’m going to and do the course for the day that I’ve applied for)

Usually I start school at 8:25 in the morning but College doesn’t start until 9 so I didn’t have to get up as early. YAY! When they phoned me and asked if I wanted to go, they said to go to reception, so when I got there there was a woman dressed in a white jacket, apron and hat waiting for me. Her name is Jenny and she is really nice, the students call her “Grumpy Jen” but she is the total opposite, so that’s why they probably call her that.

When she took me to the kitchen everyone was already there putting on their hats and setting up and I soon realized that I was the only person there on a Taster Day. I was hoping to meet some of my new classmates but oh well, I’ll see them in September. The Catering room is quite large; half the room is a kitchen with lots of kitchen appliances and the other half is a classroom with tables and chairs, the room is separated into these two sections by a proper serving counter with a till facing the classroom end.

On a Tuesday (today) they run the kitchen as a Bistro for work experience so we cooked lunch for people who came in. Each week they serve one soup, three different mains and 2 different desserts.

The “Head Chef” Kevin, who I’ve met on countless occasions, greeted me and introduced me to everyone while he was telling everyone what they were doing. As well as himself there are three other staff that work in the kitchen and make sure everyone’s doing everything correctly. There’s Jen, of course, who isn’t much taller than me, she’s either in her 30s or early 40s and she has brown and blonde hair that’s just above her shoulders. Then there’s Heather, the same height as Jen with shorter blonde hair. She looks a little older, probably in her late 40s, but she’s really nice as well, then their’s the other lady who’s name I can’t remember. I met her before at my interview for a spot on the course in January and she’s like the sous chef of the kitchen, she is second in command.

Every student is put into pairs and each pair is doing a different thing. One pair would be doing the puddings, three pairs would each do one of the three main courses for that day, there would be another pair doing the soup and the last pair would set up the tables and keep the kitchen clean and clear. I was put with a short girl named Lauren, she was quiet and didn’t talk much but she’s alright. She helped me a bit. Our task was to do the soup and some oatmeal rolls and white rolls to go with it. This week the soup was onion, celery, potato, leak and watercress. We chopped it all up and boiled it in stock and water then liquidized it. Lauren did the oatmeal rolls and I did the White ones. They were like mini cottage rolls, you know? There’s a big roll then a smaller roll on top of it. Big roll Little roll basically.

After we finished cooking everything, the class was split into two teams. Because the students have to serve people during lunch the first team would serve and the second team could go off and have lunch for an hour, then we switch. I was on the second team so I went and had lunch with two students called Niki and Jess who I made friends with. They are such goofballs and we had a laugh. After going to the diner and getting a cheeseburger and a bottle of coca cola (very healthy) they showed me around the college a bit.

The showed me the restaurant, the coffee shop, the diner and the zone. I got shown the gym which is a bit smaller than it looks on the site but still good and I went in the college shop for some skittles. They also showed me the changing rooms which the catering students use to put on their uniform. However, the girls and boys doors are right next to each other and the boys keep leaving their door open so you can totally see them half naked when going there. Luckily the only man that was there was fully clothed when we got there. Lolz

On my shift I had to serve a couple of people and learned how to use the till. The students that do the second shift have to clean and sanitize EVERYTHING. I cleaned every dam worktop in that room. I even took off the rings on the stove and cleaned them. They were well impressed by how well I clean, one of them even called me Monica, yet somehow I never clean my own bloody room XD

After that I could go home. I enjoyed every bit of the day.  The only thing I don’t like is that your on your feet for hours you only get to sit down at lunch so after 3 hours my feet started to ache a bit, but it’s something I can put up with and get used to.

I totally want to do it again tomorrow, the course is so much FUN!!!!!!!!!!

Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx

Me, Myself and I

Hey guys, Viola here, call me Vi or whatever the hell you want and this is my 9th blog on my page #TheChicWithBlueHair.

I was just thinking to myself, I’ve been blogging for 2 months now and you lot barely know a thing about me other than my first name and that I have a blog, so in this blog I’m going to tell you guys more about me so you can get to know me better as a person, not just a name behind a screen.

For starters, my name is Viola.G.S, I am going to be 16 years of age on the 3rd of August this year and I live in jolly old England in the West Country.

I guess I’m classed as short being 5ft 3, I’m the second tallest in my family but at school I’m one of the shortest. My natural hair colour is brown but I had it dyed blue at the end so only half of my long hair is brown now. I have brown eyes like my dad’s and I’ve got chubby chipmunk cheeks. I have a slightly lazy eye but it’s nearly fixed so you can’t even notice it. I’ve also been wearing glasses since I was 6 because I’m a little short sighted but I only really need them for reading from a distance. I’m also slightly deaf in my left ear due to a bad ear infection when I was 8. So basically none of my senses work properly, they’ve all gone to pot. Lol

My 3 favourite colours are Magnolia, Bubblegum Blue and Rose Gold. Can’t decide which is my favourite.

fav colours

My favorite movie is ‘About Time’ and my favourite movie series and book series is ‘The Hunger Games’. #TeamPeeta! I love food, particularly KFC and McDonald’s, there’s also a lovely coffee place called Coffee #1 in my town and they do the best iced after eight hot chocolate  ever. It’s a national business at least so I advise you to try one if you’re in England.

I love makeup and videogames. I watch all sorts of YouTube gamers, Vanoss, Jacksepticeye, Xpert thief, Markiplier and many more. I love the outdoors and doing outdoor activities like rock climbing, cycling, swimming and paintballing and my favourite season is Summer. I am an animal lover and I am defiantly a dog person. I have a dog called Petra and she is a black Lab cross Springer Spaniel. She is the best ever!!!

NokiaC6-01Pics 172

I have one older sister who is 21 so there is 5 years and 10 months between us. She works as a waitress at the moment but it’s the only job she can get her hands on. My dad is a carpenter and my mum works in an office for a company that sells air conditioning units.I want to be working in the culinary field when I’m older, I don’t know specifically what yet but I’ll figure it out.

Speaking of which I’ve got a taster day at my chosen college tomorrow instead of school. I’m so excited! It isn’t a whole school year trip, they just rung me up and asked if I wanted to go and I said yet. My school knows about it so they won’t ring me up asking where the hell I am, the only thing I’ll be missing is all the drama that’s been going on recently. I’ll tell you lot how the day went tomorrow or as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for reading guys, I really appreciate it. That’s all for now but be prepared for more weekly blogs coming your way.

Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx