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Hello people. Viola here as always and welcome to my blog – this is my 8th blog since I started in March. It’s great to be able to express my feelings to you guys and just be able talk about anything with you, I am so greatful for that.

Anyways, it’s a simple blog today for you, I’m just going to have a chat about my day.

School has been really frantic for me ever since Friday, a lot has been going on and some times I didn’t even know what to do. Today was particularly stressful. and I’ve been worrying about it for months.

I had my final Dance Practical examinations. I had the exams all day so I just came into school in my dance kit and I had to perform 3 pieces – one of which I had to do twice. I’ll try and explain it as best as I can but the British people here taking GCSE Dance will understand the best.

My first piece was a “Ghost Dance” which is performed in groups of 3. It’s based on a piece by Christopher Bruce about these three Ghosts who take people to life after death. My teacher does the choreography for this one so everyone’s piece is the same and we performed it one group at a time in front of the examiner. Mine went well, I only wobbled a bit on the balancing move once but it was fine. This was the one I had to do twice because they had to mark 3 people at once.

My 4a piece I had to choreograph myself. It’s based on the sweets in “Nutcracker” by Matthew Bourne. I had the choice of three different sweets and do a dance in that style, Either Liquorice Allsorts (flamenco style), Knickerbocker Glory (smooth and elegant) or Gobstopper (loud and strong). I chose Knickerbocker Glory cos that’s more my style. I was given motifs and basically I just had to develop them into my own moves and create a dance to my own choice of music.

My 4b piece is the same thing but I have to find my own stimulus and create my own motifs. My stimulus was a poem about anxiety because I used to suffer from it. I still do but I’ve almost overcome it, I almost rarely get anxious now.

This was my worst piece. I chose a song to dance to but it just didn’t work so I then spent a month creating a dance that had no music for it so I just had to prey that it suited the tune. I finally found a good song and rehearsed this dance for months but at the start of March when I showed what I had done to Miss I was told that the piece made no sense at all.

In conclusion I had to completely start all of it again in the space of a month. I had to redo my written work, bin my old Programme Note essay and start the whole dance from scratch. I performed it at the practice run through on Saturday and my teacher said it was still a mess so I had to turn it around in two days which was impossible.

I didn’t worry about 4b too much because my 4a is really good so any marks that I lost on 4b, my other piece would make up for it.

However, when I performed 4a, my best piece, disaster struck. I froze. For 4 seconds. That doesn’t sound like much but I totally lost focus after that and even though I ran through it ten times before i went on, my mind went blank. To make matters worst I made it so obvious that i screwed up because I pulled a “I screwed up, I don’t know what I’m doing” face.

Although I still think my 4b is bad, I think I fixed it enough so the concept is understandable and the dynamics were better. So hopefully I didn’t screw up as bad as I think and I might have saved my ass on 4b. I won’t know until August.

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What is up my fabulous readers, I am the one and only Viola, you can call me Vi and this is my 7th blog on #TheChicWithBlueHair.

As you may know I am in Year 11 of Secondary School which means in September I’ll be starting College and to be honest it can’t come soon enough.

I am so excited to go to my College, it’s an amazing place – much better than my school. There’s less subjects so you don’t have to learn so much stuff all at once, there’s virtually no exams (I have 17 GCSE exams, Help!), you get a locker so I don’t have to have a huge backpack everywhere like I do now and also you get to wear whatever the hell you want which is great for me, if you saw my school uniform you would completely understand.

My uniform has a huge highlighter-orange stripe on the collar of the blazer which is so big it makes you look at least 10 pounds fatter than you actually are; and being a person that is definitely not as skinny as a rake and is plagued with big boobs I look ridiculous, but when I’m in jeans and a t-shirt I look better. Not exactly a model but I look a bit slimmer.

Not only are the rules better but the facilities are incredible.

There’s a Diner, coffee shop, restaurant, a energy skills center cafe and another food place called “The Zone” which sounds awesome! There are a bunch of common rooms, a shop and a humongous Library filled with loads of books (I’m gonna spend a lot of time in there). There’s even a state of the art Gym.

My New Years resolution was to get fitter and eat healthier so I’m going to get a Gym membership when I get there. I can use the treadmills and the other machines and I could go to the Wednesday Zumba classes. I really want to get a bikini body or at least lose a bit of puppy fat.

On my first day the first thing I’m going to do on my lunch break is look around everywhere to see the facilities and try the restaurants and cafe’s.


Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx


Hey guys! Viola here, you can call me Vi and this is my 6th blog on my page #TheChicWithBlueHair.

Today’s subject is about videogames and I must say that I absolutely love them!!!!

I don’t think it will surprise you that I love them but when my friends at school found out they were surprised because apparently I don’t look like the type of person who’s into videogames so I guess you never know, you might be surprised.

Never the less I love them. Ever since I was little I was playing them little games that were controllers that you had to plug into your TV. I had Ms Pacman, Tetris, Space Invaders and so many more I can’t remember, like this one.

ms Pacman

These were my first form of videogames and even though they’re a bit old school and the graphics  are so unbelievably poor it’s painful, I still love them and I can’t get rid of them.

At the moment I have a Wii console with mostly just dance games, an old Nintendo DS and a new 2DS. I didn’t get the 3DS as I wear glasses because I’m short sighted so it would probably mess up my eyes. Plus the fact that I read loads of reviews about it making people feel nauseous after half an hour with the 3D switch on. I think Style Boutique and Nintendogs are my favourite games on the DS. I love clothes and puppies. Mario Kart on the DS is good but it’s 10 times better on the Wii. It’s easier to steer, the graphics are better and the tracks are more awesome.

Out of X-box and PlayStation, I’m definitely a PlayStation girl. I had the PS1 when I was little and I’m still on the PS2. Before the PS4 came out the PS3 was really expensive and I decided to wait for the 4th one so the price would drop for 3. I’m definitely getting it soon. I’m so looking forward to play GTA5. I’ve watched YouTube gamers like VanossGaming and others play it and it looks amazing, but I still love the PS2 games. I am specially addicted to GTA San Andreas and the Sims 1, Sims 2, Sims 2 pets and Urbz: Sims in the City games. Last weekend I was playing The Sims 1 for at least 4 hours. I still love the old games, in my books they never get old.

The Culling on Steam looks amazing as well. I am a huge Hunger Games fan and this game is just like that, you fight to the death in an arena. I really wan t to try Minecraft, Sims 4, Assassins Creed and GTA 6 when that comes out.

When I get a proper set up and more up to date consoles I’m thinking about setting up my own gaming channel, but I don’t know what my name should be. I want it to be cool and not too girly. I don’t want people to judge the channel just because I’m a girl.

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Meeting new people

Hey guys, Viola here, you can call me Vi and this is my 5th blog on my page.

I’ve have an average Easter holiday. Did the usual; stayed at home the whole time playing video games and stuffing my face with junk food and only going outside to visit my Granddad, go to Sainsbury’s with my mum, and to walk my dog at the local park. As you can see my life is totally unspecial, uninteresting and boring.

However, being utterly fed up with being classed as “single” for my whole 15 and a half years on planet Earth I finally decided to try Tinder. It’s designed for adults but I knew I wasn’t going to be the only teen on there so I didn’t worry about age issues.

I don’t own an iPhone or a Samsung or anything like that which has Tinder, instead I have a Nokia Lumia phone which doesn’t even have Snapchat in the app store so I was half expecting it not to be on there but I did find an app called “6tin”. I don’t think it’s the proper Tinder app but it’s not in any way different. There’s still the swipe-left-swipe-right concept that I heard of and it comes up with people in range of your location like proper Tinder.

To be honest it doesn’t work very well, at least for me it doesn’t. It’s supposed to come up with a picture above the name but for me the picture doesn’t come up, so unless they have Instagram connected to the app I have absolutely no freaking clue what they look like.

Plus for some unknown reason it won’t let me message people when I’m at my own house, even when i am connected to my rougher. I can message people out and about but tat takes a huge bite out of my monthly credit and my parents have complained about how much my phone costs them every month as it is. This has proved to be a definite problem.

I was using this app at my Granddad’s house and I was matched with a guy. He was really sweet and we were having a lovely chat but then my dad picked me up and I had to go home. When I got there I repeatedly tried to reply to him but it just kept saying “an error occurred when trying to send message, try again” and so I was unable to talk to him. I was a bit worried because we were getting along so well I hoped he didn’t think I suddenly decided not to talk to him and ignore him for the rest of the night. It was even worse when he message me 3 hours later and it still wasn’t letting me reply.

I don’t think I’ll use this app anymore, I haven’t gained a thing out of it at all. I went on my android tablet and installed the proper Tinder app but that  work s worse than 6tin. I opened it up and it says “connect to Facebook to continue”, I press it and every single time it says “we are unable to connect, please try again later”.

Also there are some queer people on 6tin. You know the box where you write stuff about yourself? There was 1 guys who said “Basically I like a super flat stomach, a huge ass and a giant pear of juicy knockers so get in line hot, sexy ladies. You know where the door is if you’ve had too many Big-Macs.” Why would he think he can get any matches with that???? This isn’t, you get what you f***ing get. God dam f***boy.

Also I cannot express how annoying it is when people say “only here for the bants”. I could’t care less if you were bloody Channing Tatum, an instant swipe left for anyone, boy or girl, who says that shit.

So yeah. Don’t install Tinder or 6tin because it’s an absolute pile of dog crap and it’s an utter waste of everyone’s time.

Stay swagalicious guys! Viola over and out xxx