“A or B”

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Sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while, I’ve been up to my neck with revision – being in Year 11 and all. However I have finally managed to make room to talk to all you guys and to make my 4th blog on my page #TheChicWithBlueHair.

Today, as you can see from the title, I want to talk about this new  recent trend that I’ve seen all over my screen on what everyone knows as Facebook. It seems that people are taking a picture from two of their friends, putting them side by side and writing “Who is prettier, A or B?” and people comment who is prettier than the other.

What the heck is this shit?????????????

It’s an utter outrage! I can’t believe Facebook is allowing this to be plastered all over their website, it’s down right SICK. That’s what it is. SICK, SICK, SICK.

Is this what society and humanity is reduced to now? That we have to say that someone isn’t as pretty as someone else? People don’t know what these girls go through, and guys as well. What if A gets 25 people saying that she is prettier and B only gets one person, and that person is her mum? You don’t know what she goes through.

What if she has starved herself and has lost 30 pounds to look what she she thinks is half decent? What if she has never had a boyfriend or girlfriend and she feels that no one likes her because of it? What if she thinks that a personality isn’t enough these days and she puts loads of makeup on to hide her imperfections because she isn’t comfortable looking at her own face in the mirror everyday? What if she is suffering from depression and has all the scars in the world to prove it? What if she has no parents and is living with her grandparents? What if she is poor and can’t afford to buy makeup and a new pair of shoes every week to make her self look “hot”? What if she was going through those things? What if?

How would she feel after seeing people’s comments that are supposedly her “friends”. For some people, that is enough to tip them over the edge. This is more wrong than anything that I’ve ever seen.

The previous trend was “Don’t Judge” where there were two shots of people, one where society refers to as ugly and the other where they have loads of makeup on and styled hair. Now Facebook has gone from saying not to judge people to judging them to see who’s the prettiest.

I am ashamed to be friends on Facebook with people who think this is the slightest bit okay. I am the type of person that can take a lot of things without getting offended but if anybody dares to involve me in this crap I swear to Christ I will go mental because this bullshit needed to cut the hell out. I would never turn to my friends and say that one of them is prettier than the other because that’s not what friends do. It would make the other feel like absolute crap.

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My Bucket List

Hey guys once again. I’m Viola you can call me Vi and this is my 3rd blog on my page #TheChicWithBlueHair.

Today I went to the park with my dog. I went in the playground, let her off her leash so she could wonder around inside the fence surrounding the swings and the slide and sat down on the swing seat. It was a grey cloudy day today and it was slightly chilly with a gentle breeze and there was absolutely no one else about. While I was sat there I started to think. I began thinking about the future. My future. I thought, What DO i want to with my life?

I want what pretty much most people would want. I want to get a great job doing what I love, I want a beautiful house in the countryside with gardens filled with flowers and nature. I want a man that makes me smile and makes me happy and eventually I want children who make me proud, but I was also thinking about the other little things that I want to do. Things that I’ll look back on and say with a smile “I did that”. I want to die at an old age feeling like I spent my time on earth wisely.

I know some people reading this will think “Why on earth are you thinking about marriage, kids and all that stuff for? You’re only 15” but at the end of the day it’s a short life and you want to make every second of everyday a moment to be proud of so when your 90 you don’t look back and a regret how you wasted your life. Instead you’ll remember all the great memories, all the things you had the great fortune to see with your very eyes and be great full that you did stuff that makes you happy.

After a great deal of thinking I got home and wrote down a bucket list of all the stuff that I want to do.  Here are some examples;

  1. Go paint balling
  2. Say “I do”
  3. Cut off my hair and donate it to “Locks of Love” and shave off the rest of my hair for cancer
  4. Go to Disneyland and meet Mickey Mouse
  5. Get a tattoo
  6. Climb the Eiffel Tower
  7. Go cliff diving
  8. Have at least two kids before I’m 35
  9. Have a picnic in Central Park
  10. Don’t eat chocolate from New Years Day to Easter Sunday
  11. Learn how to Surf
  12. Get a driving licence and a car
  13. Go to the gym 20 times
  14. Eat snails in Paris
  15. Try an American food challenge
  16. Write a book
  17. Write 100 blogs
  18. Have a  live snake around my neck (I have a phobia of snakes, terrified of them)
  19. Get another piercing
  20. Get a picture of me and some friends crossing the intersection at Abbey Road

I’ve got over 20 things written on my list and my challenge is to get them all done before my 60th birthday. I hope I get to do them all.

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Thinking about Prom

Hello there again friends and viewers, my name is Viola you can call me Vi and welcome to my fabulous page. This is my 2nd blog and today I’m gonna chat about my Prom.

Today me and my buddies were talking about this particular big event,as any teenage girls and boys would do, as it is just 3 months away. A majority of my friends aren’t  going because they don’t see the point in spending loads of money buying high heel shoes, over-the-top transport, tacky jewellery, makeup and dresses that they’re probably never gonna wear again. Which is fine, they are entitled to their own opinion, you know freedom of speech yada yada yada, so it’ll just be Charlie and me. James isn’t really fussed but he might decide to come but it depends if he can rank up enough points. I will be able to mingle though with the other people that I’m friendly with.

I don’t know whether any other English Secondary Schools or even American High Schools have this system but at our school we get 1 point for each of our 4 lessons a day,if we bother to show up to them that is, and bonus points for being good, 10 for staying  behind after home time or 25 for coming in during the holidays. In order to go to prom we have to get 1000 points otherwise we won’t be able to go. I worked out that just for going to your lessons everyday from September till June (after all our exams finish we get July completely off, for people who don’t know) we get 800 points so we have to get at least 200 bonus points. It’s March and I’ve got 785 so far. I’ve got 3 more months to get 215 stamps. I think that’s possible.

My plan is to go in as many times as possible over our 2 week Easter holidays, then I’ll be completely covered. Plus I’ll have the end of May holidays to get more. I’ve gotta go in then anyway to do about 5 exams, I’ll definitely get points for that.

I did stay in after school today to do an IT EDCL exam with Brad and Jake (friends of mine). There are four. The first one is question on PowerPoint, the second is Word, the third is Excel  and the last is all of them together. After you finish them all you get an overall grade depending on what percentages you got. Me and Brad were on the last one and Jake was behind on the second one. I got 77% and ended up with a B overall, Brad got an A and Jake got 99%. I have know idea how he got that high, he must have cheated. It sounded boring but during the practice one before the proper one where we were aloud to talk to each other we ended having a lot of fun and we had a good laugh. The points that I got there will help me get to prom.

I probably won’t get huge transport, I don’t mind going on the VIP bus. The one that I saw at my older sister’s prom looked really nice. I have already got my shoes which are plain black heels, I’ve got most of my jewellery and I have been practicing different makeup ideas. I haven’t got my dress yet because I want to get one closer to the time in case I change sizes. I have been browsing though At the start of secondary school I saw this prom dress and I had my heart set on it.

Prom dress

The first time I saw it it was £114 but I did some research on it and found a website (can’t remember where) and they did it for £82. This dress is very popular so many places do it but the problem is it’s only online. I prefer to get one from a shop because I’d like to try it on and make sure it suites me before I buy it. To be honest I still like this dress but I probably won’t get it. I’m more interested in short dresses with transparent material on the short sleeves.

The big issue with that dress is that I have really big boobs so I’ll look stupid in it. They probably won’t have one in the right size anyway. In year 7 they were the size of jaffa cakes but now I’ve got past the point that I would be able to pull off strapless without being called a slut. People have taken a passion for making many immature jokes about my bra size. One guy even stuck his hands up his shirt to make it look like he have massive boobs in front of me, But he was from year 9 so it makes sense. The year 9’s in my school are the absolute worst out of the lot.They are so pathetic, immature and they take the absolute piss. Good thing I’m finishing soon so I won’t have to put up with them much longer

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My First Official Blog

Hello there friends and viewers! My name is Viola, you can call me Vi, and welcome to my page #TheChicWithBlueHair.

It took some time to get everything set up but my blog is finally up and running and I must say it looks very swagalicious indeed so far.

Just wanna let everyone know that my future blogs won’t be about anything specific, just whatever’s on my mind or what I’m in the mood to write about. Sometimes it might be about what’s currently going on in my life or sometimes I might wanna get something off my chest but I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I’ll enjoy writing them.

I would also like to add that sometimes I might drone on and write a whole novel in one post because when I tell something I like to explain it a lot but I promise I’ll try not to bore you lot to death. Moreover I understand that my posts might not be to your tastes, that’s completely fine. I know that everyone has their own opinion.

I will appreciate any comments of your opinion on my page but I would like to keep any negative or offensive comments to a minimum. I’m not saying your not entitled to your own opinion, but I’m not forcing anyone to read my blogs so if you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s as simple as that. If you don’t have anything nice to say just keep it to yourself.  I am also open to people asking requests for stuff that you would like me to write about in the future. If you ask me questions I’ll answer them and I’ll accept anyone giving me advise on how I can make my blog even better for you guys to enjoy.

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